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Premate Test For Dogs

Premate Test For Dogs - Information on Dog Premate Test Procedure, Results and Kits

A premate test for dogs is an extremely simple one, if you have the right tools.

You can buy a simple and easy to use home dog premate test kit. If you are wondering when to mate your dog, the premate test for dogs can come in really handy. These home test kits are usually available as pads.

A few drops of urine have to be poured on the pad, and it can tell whether the dog is ready to mate or not. While most experienced breeders know when their dog is in heat, the premate test can be extremely helpful for those breeders who are novices. The premate test for dogs is also an excellent option for those who have experience in dog breeding and like to be very meticulous.

The test pads that come with the test are usually pink in color. When you pour a few drops of the dog’s urine on it, the pad may change colors to a deep burgundy or purple color if there is luteinizing hormone in the urine. In case the dog is not yet ovulating, and there is no surge of the hormone, the pad will not change colors. Since the surge in the hormone typically lasts for three to four days only, the pads should ideally be used as soon as the dog is in heat.

Dog Premate Test and Results

For more accurate test results, the test pads should be inserted into the vulva so that they can soak the vaginal fluid. If you do not feel very comfortable doing this yourself, you can ask your vet to perform the test. It is important to understand that when the dog is in heat, it is the luteinizing hormone surge the triggers off ovulation. If you are able to determine the presence of a surge during the premate test for dogs, the dog will certainly ovulate and is ready for mating.

The tests are usually easy to administer. For first time dog owners, it is best to let the vet perform the test while you observe the proceedings. Once you have familiarized yourself with the process, you can begin performing the test procedure on your own. It is also important to note that the dog has the highest chances of a successful mating 24 to 48 hours after the surge in the luteinizing hormone has been detected. This will help you ensure a successful and planned pregnancy for your dog.

  Submitted on January 10, 2012