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Dog hair care

Dog Coat Care

All dogs are different and the same goes for their fur.

The fur or coat on your pet dog needs exceptional care and handling, and each pet dog has his or her own needs.

The first and foremost tip in ensuring a healthy dog fur coat or dog hair coat is to pay close attention to your dog’s diet; it should be healthy. A proper and healthy diet will help in making your dog’s fur, shiny and healthy. A shiny coat is the sign that your dog is healthy and fit.

It is thus a way of monitoring your dog’s health. Another important step in dog hair care would be to invest in plenty of time in grooming your pet’s fur coat. While grooming, you must scrutinize as carefully and as attentively as possible to be able to locate any kind of nits, ticks and fleas and get rid of them. You should also be able to locate any kind of irritations that your pet dog might be afflicted with, causing irritation to his skin and resulting in loss of hair.

In order to effectively groom your pet dog’s coat, a proper systemized manner must be adopted in which it has to be done. Brush your pet’s hair in the direction that it grows, do it with a wide toothed comb. If your dog has matted hair you might have to get yourself a special tool that will be helpful in removing the matting without harming or aggravating your pet’s skin. For dog coat care, it is essential you groom your dog’s hair at least four times in a week. Make sure you bathe your dog with lukewarm water, use a lather forming and a no-tear shampoo, specially designed for your dog.

Dog Fur Care

When you are using a shampoo or soap, use a sponge or soft towel to brush him well. Dry your pet dog with a warm towel. Keep him indoors till his is well dried and has shaken off the water completely. You might want to invest in a medicated or herbal shampoo to help keep your pet dog free from any kind of skin irritation. Some pet owners take the help of a professional groomer to help them learn more about grooming their dogs. The frequency of grooming and the cost it entails would depend upon the breed of dog that you have. Some dogs belonging to a different breed have longer hair, and some have shorter hair. The dogs with longer hair require more grooming than the smaller ones.

An important aspect of dog fur care is to determine the exact type of your dog’s hair and the kind of care it will require. For example the king Charles spaniels, the English cocker spaniels etc. have a different kind of intertwined dog coat; keeping up with the grooming is difficult in such breeds. Whereas the Afghan, Malteses, Yorkshire Terriers are dogs that have shiny silky hair which are extremely delicate and need extra care. With the right information, you cannot go wrong with dog hair care.

  Submitted on April 30, 2010