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Dog IQ Test

Dog IQ Test - Information on Kits and Blanket IQ Test For Dogs

Just like humans, dog’s too have measurable IQs.

Though dogs’ IQ is much lower than humans, it can be measured to see how intelligent your dog really is. If you have ever had a dog, you must know what dogs are really capable of. They are intelligent animals that understand language, emotions, and even gestures. The dog IQ test simply makes an owner understand how well adapted the dog is to understand language, commands, and social cues.

The tests can also quantify the dog’s IQ and help the dog owners determine what kind of problem solving abilities the dog really has.

Dr. Stanley Coren, a professor at the University of British Columbia, has been the first psychologist to bring out such a test. Though there have been many attempts to quantify IQ of dogs, none of the dog IQ test was really adaptable or scalable.

Even today, the six tests devised by Dr. Coren, which are used on a large scale, are not completely foolproof and have their own individual flaws. Dr. Coren himself has been considered an authority on canine intelligence. He has been a prize-winning dog trainer and knows a thing or two about dogs and their intelligence. There are six tests in all which Dr. Coren has devised, and these tests will help you schedule your dog’s training regimen. You should also have a fair idea of how smart your dog really is, using these standard tests.

IQ Test Kits For Dogs

The tests specifically check the adaptive intelligence of dogs. Since the results are really subjective, these standard tests cannot really be used as a blanket IQ test for dogs. You could perhaps get your hands on a dog IQ test kit as well, but again, such tests are highly subjective and the dog’s responsiveness will depend on a number of environmental factors. Dog IQ test may offer you a vague approximation of how smart your dog really is. On average, you do not really need a very smart dog. If the dog IQ test shows your dog’s IQ to be low, it definitely does not mean that the dog is not trainable, as many people eventually come to believe. The IQ of the dog is usually associated with its problem solving abilities, and for a pet, such abilities are usually not very essential. Obedience and the ability to follow simple commands too have nothing to do with intelligence and IQ of a dog.

  Submitted on February 7, 2012