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Dog Massage Therapy

Dog Massage Therapy - Information on Calming Dog Massage Techniques and Therapist

When it comes to our pets, holistic therapies are not very popular.

Dog massage therapy is one of those holistic treatments that have long been debated. For long, massages have helped humans to relax. There are many known benefits of the therapy for humans. However, in the pet world, dog massage therapy is a relatively new concept.

Like humans, there are many different dog massage techniques, depending on the condition that your dog is suffering from. Right from the surface massages to the deep tissue massage, your canine companion can get lots of different therapies based on its temperament and ailment. Massages can increase the overall feeling of wellness in humans as well as dogs.

Calming Dog Massage Techniques

While massages can do a lot for your dog, these do not render veterinary care unnecessary.

Dog massage therapy should ideally only be given to a dog only after it has been discussed with the vet and has their approval. Massages should also ideally be provided only by professionals who are trained in canine massaging therapy and know the calming dog massage techniques. Most dog massage therapists are certified. Since the therapist needs to have a good understanding of dogs, their general behavior, temperament, and their anatomy, only a certified dog massage therapist should be approached for dog massage therapy. In a massage therapy session, the therapist may uncover a problem with your dog that may warrant a visit to your vet.

Benefits of Dog Massage Therapy

Dog massage therapy may not always be the answer to your dog’s ailment. Therefore, it is important to first discuss it with the vet. There have been instances in which an unwarranted massage therapy has been known to cause complications in the dog’s existing conditions. The health of a dog may be at risk if you do not discuss the massage treatment with your doctor. In dog massage therapy, gentle pressure is applied on various parts of the dog’s body. As a pet owner, keep an eye out for any potential positive or negative side effects on the dog health. This helps you in determining whether the massage therapy is helping your dog or not.

Since dogs may have temperament issues, a harsh massage may not be ideal for them.

Dog massage therapy can help in the treatment of injuries, especially to the ligaments. If your dog has been stressed, the massage can help the dog relieve its stress. Massage also improves flexibility of your dog and helps improvement movement if your dog is suffering from debilitating diseases like arthritis.


  Submitted on January 11, 2012