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Alopekis Dog | Facts and Information | Characteristics of Alopekis

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The Alopekis dog is a small dog that appears like a fox. It has a set of pricked ears, a short and smooth coat, a sickle tail, and a long body. Like a fox, Alopekis dog has a tapering muzzle and swift movements, which can be described as graceful. The dog has a set of strong jaws and developed cheeks, which are not prominent, but not understated either. The dog has unusually large eye orbits, which gives it a very characteristic appearance.

Alopekis Dog Facts and Information

The Alopekis dog has taut lips and round, intelligent eyes. Like most other small dogs, the body of the Alopekis dog is longer than its height. The dog has barrel shaped rib cage is a deep and broad chested. The loins of the dog are broad and the hind quarters are strong and well-rounded as well. It has a sickle shaped tail that is set high and forms an elegant curve. It has a good quality double coat with the outer coat being rather smooth and soft. The dog also has a thick and long jacket around the neck. There are two different varieties of coats in the Alopekis dog. One is the shorthaired variety, and the other is the wiry haired variety. These fur types come in different color combinations.

Since the Alopekis dog is a small dog, it is suited for small spaces in the city. It grows well in apartments and is a great apartment dog. The dog also has a very eager disposition and is highly intelligent. It is healthy and hardy, and does not have too many needs. It can be used as an attentive watchdog and can also be used to catch rodents around the house.

Majority of the Alopekis information and Alopekis facts available in books and online point to it being a great pet. It is an outgoing and happy dog and loves its family a lot. As a pet, you can expect full devotion from it. It is also very lively and extremely obedient. These dogs can be trained easily, as they are obedient and loyal. It also has a lot of stamina and can play as much as you like. The dog has very fast reflexes and is athletic enough to cover long distances with relative ease.

The dog is suitable to both city and country life. It lives a ripe old age and does not have any genetic disorders that are known. They need moderate exercise and should ideally be taken for long walks every day.