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Dog Adoption Tips – Things to Know | Before Getting a Dog

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Dog Adoption

Although a puppy may seem to be adorable and cute at first all prospective dog owners must realize that adopting a dog requires investment of time, money, energy and a lot of patience.

Before getting a dog, one should ascertain the reason for doing so. Sometimes owners may say that they are adopting the dog for their son or daughter however they need to realize that the dog is a family responsibility and eventually everyone will get involved in its supervision and care. In some cases a dog may be adopted to provide protection however this is advisable only if the protection is in agricultural or professional areas and there is a qualified dog trainer or dog behavior specialist available. Additionally some people may adopt some exotic breeds of dogs just because they are trendy or fashionable. However in the long run they may not be able to groom or maintain the dog suitably. Some people are also sensitive or allergic to dog’s fur or dried skin cells. In such cases they may want to adopt dogs that are non allergenic or tend to shed lesser than other breeds of dogs. While adopting a dog the individual needs to remember that owning a dog is a fairly long term commitment which could go upto 16 yrs. Hence one should keep in mind the lifestyle changes that they will have to undergo to accommodate the dog. Owning a dog also requires a significant amount of financial investment on account of their food, grooming, training, medical costs, accessories etc. Besides the breed of the dog, the prospective dog owner should also be sure of the gender he wants to adopt as female dogs tends to be more companionable and friendly as compared to male dogs. However female dogs tend to get troublesome during their six monthly menstruation. Some common dog adoption tips will require the individual to consider the size of their living space before adopting a dog as each breed is physically different from the other. Elderly people of families having children may also need to check the temperament and suitability of the dog as some breeds get along better with children and the elderly as compared to other breeds. The time required for grooming or maintaining a dogs coat is another key deciding factor.

If the individual already has other dogs and cats living with them then they need to check the adjustability factor of the breed before adopting a dog.