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Flea Control in Dogs | Treatments to Prevent Dog with Flea Infestation

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Dog Flea Control

There may be no single treatment for fleas that could be recommended as the best flea control for dogs, but most products available in medical stores are quite effective. The key to effective treatment is through meticulous observation of the prescribed instructions.

Fleas can be really problematic for dogs. These minute parasites feed on blood, and if you find just one flea on your dog or around the vicinity, you can be sure that there are a whole lot more. A flea infestation can be troublesome and discomforting to any dog, but more so to some dogs. As with humans, some reactions are much greater in some individuals because of greater sensitivity to the trigger. This is also true for some dogs, as it is possible for a dog to be extra sensitive to the saliva of fleas. Under such circumstances, just one flea bite can be enough to trigger intense skin irritation and itching, a condition referred to as flea allergy dermatitis. In severe cases of the condition there may even be thickening of the dog’s skin and hair fall. This occurs as a result of the relentless cycle of itching and scratching. The raw exposed skin is even more problematic because of the increased susceptibility to infections.

Fortunately there are plenty of products that are very effective not just at killing off, but also at repelling fleas. Your veterinarian would however be the best source of information if it is a specific product recommendation that you need. All of these products come with detailed instructions that you need to follow to the tee. Many pet owners are under the mistaken impression the more the powder or shampoo you use the more effective it should be. This is not only untrue, but it is also dangerous to your dog, as all of these products do contain toxins or chemicals of some kind, whether natural or artificial. In other words their use is best restricted to what is deemed necessary.

The most important measure of flea control for dogs would be to take protective measures against flea infestations. When a dog has a flea infestation you need to treat it to kill of the fleas. But this is not adequate, as fleas can survive away from the dog and are capable of traversing great distances. You need to make sure your house and any other pets are also treated for fleas. Make sure that all linen, and clothing is also washed and treated appropriately.