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Stop Dog Eating Cat Food | Keep Dog Away From Cat Food

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Stop Dog Eating Cat Food

Many pet owners have this common complaint and struggle to stop their dog eating cat food. This is because cat food is richer in protein and has a stronger smell hence this makes it irresistible for the dog, making it near impossible for owners to stop a dog eating cat food. There are many ways to stop your dog from eating cat food.

  • The first thing you could do to stop a dog from eating cat food is to yell a basic command like “No” or “bad dog” the minute you catch your dog in the act. Along with this command you could also have a water spray bottle ready to squirt the dog in order to stop him. But ensure that you do this immediately as waiting for too long will only confuse the dog as he wouldn’t remember the crime he had committed.
  • Another command you could use to stop your dog from eating cat food is “leave it” So the minute your dog tries to get to the cats food you shout ”Leave it” and give it a little correction in order to get its attention. When the dog turns to look at you, you should praise it and give it its favorite toy or any kind of special treat only once it leaves the cats’ food. The main idea behind doing this is to teach the dog that it will be corrected if it goes near the cats food and given treats if it doesn’t.
  • You could place the cats food in a spot that is easy for the cat to get to but difficult for the dog. If the cat can jump high then place the food on a high table or shelve so that the cat can reach it but not the dog.
  • You could also try to feed both your pets at the same time in order to avoid this problem. However most cats rarely eat a lot of food at one time in stead they spread out their food into a lot of tiny meals. You could also build a little baby fence around the area where you place the cats food in order to keep dog from eating cat food.
  • Remember that you should never physically abuse your dog in anyway. Even a little tap on the butt or the nose should be used as the last resort. By hitting your dog too often it will only end up making the dog unhappy and confused. This ultimately leads to a more disobedient dog than before.