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Low Protein Dog Food Recipes | Low Protein Canine Diet Recipes

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Low Protein Dog Food Recipes

Low protein food for dog refers to foods that are designed for canines, with a protein content that is much lower than that what is usually found in regular pet foods. There are several pet owners, who opt to switch over to the use of low protein dog food for their pets, for various reasons, like kidney problems, acid reflux and other digestive concerns. Recognizing this need, there are some pet food manufacturing companies that have started using low protein dog food recipes, to meet the growing requirement. Such foods can be bought from most pet stores or in specialist shops that sell dog food. In fact, you may also be able to buy a variety low protein dog food, from your vet in the form of a dry food mix. Unfortunately, some of them could be quite expensive.

The good news is that there are several online pet forums, blogs, discussion boards, books and so on, that can help you with recipes for low protein dog food. These are easy to make at home and can help you save a bundle. Moreover, by giving your dog homemade low protein dog food, you can monitor the ingredients and the amounts that go into the recipe, giving you a better idea of exactly what your dog is eating. Recipes for low protein dog food include cooked beef, vegetable biscuits and wheat and beef morsels, to name a few. Given below is an example of one such recipe that can be prepared at home:

Beef and rice:


  • Ground beef                ¼ lb
  • White rice, cooked, unsalted        2 cups
  • White bread, crumbled        3 slices
  • Egg, hardboiled and chopped        1
  • Calcium carbonate            1 teaspoon


  • In a large skillet, cook the beef, till it turns lightly brown.
  • Once the beef has cooked add in the cooked rice, finely chopped hardboiled egg, crumbled bread and calcium carbonate. Stir all the ingredients properly, till they are well mixed.
  • If the mixture is too dry, you may improve its palatability, by adding some water to it. Do not add milk or any other condiment, to moisten the food.
  • Cover the mixture and keep it in the refrigerator, till your pet is ready to eat.

Before you choose to put your pet on a low protein dog food diet, or try out recipes for low protein dog food, it is important to consult a veterinarian and get a go ahead on this.