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Dog Nausea Treatment | Natural Remedies for Dog Motion Sickness

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Dog Nausea is a common canine problem that every dog owner should know about. Although you might not be able to recognize the symptoms, it is quite common that just like humans your dog might feel nauseated at times. Immediate medical attention can help identify the seriousness of the nausea and pinpoint the most likely cause, so that treatment can began right away.  A change in diet, stomach upset, worms, intestinal problems, or even pregnancy are some of the possible causes of nausea. Dogs licking or chewing excessively may also be a warning sign. Abdominal swelling or a dull coat of hair could be caused by intestinal worms.

Equally important are the symptoms of nausea in dogs. Dry heaving, excessive chewing, diarrhea, are some of the most common symptoms.  Dog owners should get familiar with all these symptoms at the earliest, so that they can take interim steps for relief in the event that veterinary assistance is not immediately available.  This will minimize the dog’s suffering. If the dog is still alert and has an appetite then it may not be a cause for concern, at least not before the vet examines him. Before any treatment for nausea can be started, the cause should be determined and the vet should be informed whether this is a one time affair or has been occurring frequently.  Some medications are specifically intended to treat gastric swelling or similar digestive conditions, but the owner should be able to recognize the seriousness of the condition and not simply rely on home treatment if there is a need for veterinary attention.

Dog Nausea Treatment

Ensure that your dog drinks plenty of water after it has vomited, to prevent dehydration in its system. Allow some time to pass before you administer any fluids and make sure you wait for at least six hours before the dog is fed. After the stomach has recovered you can administer small amounts of water in regular intervals. Your dog should be given more small meals instead of one large one. Add raw garlic in the dog’s diet to protect its digestive tract from parasites.  Give your dog bland food like rice cooked soft to soothe the stomach and intestines.

Herbs for Dog Travel Sickness

Dog motion sickness treatment can include natural remedies like ginger and mint. However, it is important to discuss any and all treatment methods with your vet to prevent complications.