Heavy, Excessive Dog Panting Causes, Treatments, Diagnosis

Panting in Dogs

One of the main reasons for a dog panting excessively would be because it is a method of cooling down its body through rapid shallow breaths. When a dog pants after any exercise or strenuous activity it is normal. During this time a dog pants because it is happy. On a hot day it is normal for dogs to pant as this is the only way for them to cool themselves down. Always be careful on hot days as many dogs die of heat strokes. At times dogs pant during obedience training when they don’t understand a certain technique or command. There are many reasons why a dog pants excessively. Some of them are, respiratory disorder which cause a problem with the upper and lower respiratory tract, neurological disorder due to head trauma or a brain tumor, cardiovascular disorders and hematological disorders that cause anemia and an increase of carbon monoxide that causes panting.

Sometimes a excessive panting in dog can be due to fear or stress. It is your job as the owner to help your dog fight and overcome this fear and nervousness. Before performing any tests you need to consider factors that cause panting such as heat and exertion. Try and get rid of them from your dog’s environment. If you notice that your dog is still panting despite removing these factors it is important to seek veterinary care. The vet will conduct a series of tests in order to diagnose the problem. Some of these tests are: A complete blood count, urine analysis and bio chemical profile. These tests will help you determine if the dog suffers from conditions such as anemia, infections and diabetes, which could be the reason for excessive panting. X-rays of the chest abdomen and neck will be done in order to check if there is any foreign body or tumor in the upper body respiratory tract. If there is a central nervous system disease suspected a CT Scan or M.R.I might be done.

In order to treat the problem of excessive panting the VET will need to understand the cause of the problem and correct it if possible. If there is an obvious environmental problem just eliminate it. Antibiotic and anti inflammatory medicines will be prescribed if the dog has any inflammatory disorders. At home always keep your dog in a cool stress free zone and avoid over exerting the pet.

In conclusion it is important for you to closely monitor when your dog pants and if it looks serious consult your vet immediately.