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Bull Terrier Dog Temperament | Information, Nature of Bull Terriers Puppy

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Bull Terrier Dog Temperament

The bull terrier dog is strong and muscular, with a sweet disposition. These dogs have deep, long heads that curve from the nose up to the skull. From the front, the head appears oval shaped. The eyes are small, triangular and deep set. The ears are erect, small and close set. The teeth come together in a scissors bite. These are big boned dogs with muscular bodies. They carry their short tails horizontally. The feet are compact and round, and rather feline-like. The coat of a bull terrier dog is glossy and short and feels harsh when touched. The skin remains tight all over the body. They are solid white in color and may or may not have markings on the head. Some bull terriers are also brindled with white markings of their heads.

The bull terrier temperament is friendly and well behaved. These are curious and imaginative dogs that are always eager for a game. They love being around people. They also display a great deal of stubbornness and can be quite assertive. First time owners may have their hands full initially. It is also recommended that those who do not have much experience in handling dogs should avoid adopting bull terriers as obedience training may be difficult to conduct with them. Bull terriers are not very approachable to other dogs. Due to their terrier characteristics, they love to chase smaller animals. Bull terriers that are not properly socialized or those that have suffered abuse may be overly aggressive to other canines. Bull terriers are quite amiable with strangers and other pets. This is especially true when a bull terrier puppy has been raised and socialized in the same family for many years.

Bull terriers are known for their eagerness and hyperactive nature. As such taking them for long walks or allowing them to frolic in the park on a daily basis will help to provide an outlet for their energy. This also contributes to better health and longevity of the dog. Bull terriers must be properly stimulated on a physical and emotional level. If this is not done, they may resort to chewing and tearing shoes or bed sheets. These dogs prefer living indoors, but can also adapt to living outside in temperate climates. Caring for the bull terrier coat is quite easy and only involves brushing now and then to get rid of dead hairs. Some health issues that these dogs may experience include allergies, renal dysplasia and cystic kidney disease.