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Pet Holiday Diet Menu, Treats | Pet Holiday Grooming, Safety Tips

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Pet Holiday Care:

The holiday season is the one time of the year when diets and healthy eating are often forgotten. While most people tend to bounce back easily within a few weeks, it is not advisable to subject your pets to the same intense dietary changes as this can have serious repercussions. It is also very important that you do not feed your dog or cat table scraps and leftovers as the spices and condiments used in your dishes are not suitable for animal consumption. It is perfectly natural to want to share the holiday cheer with your pet and you can do it too, but make sure that it is in a way that does not compromise his health. The simplest method to ensure that your pet has a healthy diet plan despite the seasonal festivities is to follow a pet holiday menu.

A pet holiday menu should consist of healthy treats for pet. These treats could include his/her favorite biscuits or choice of meat or treats. A dog holiday menu would include boiled or steamed slices of meat or a change in his type of ready-made food. If your dog is used to dry dog-food, you could give him the wet variety instead. You can also prepare a larger amount of his food in advance. Separate this into small sealed containers and then place these containers in your freezer. As and when you need to feed him/her, you can heat one of the containers and then give him his food. Cats and dogs prefer fresh foods as compared to dry pellets. You can also make a little stock with the bones left over from the chicken or turkey. Do not add salt to the stock and add this stock to his food to enhance its flavor. If you have a cat you can do this with the tails and heads of any fish you have purchased for your own use. Do not give your pet sweets or chocolates as these are definitely not good for them and can even be fatal.

In addition to your pet holiday menu, you can also pamper your pet by spending a little more time playing with them each day. Dogs are especially fond of playtime and if you can extend it by even a few minutes they would be more than happy. You can even buy a couple of toys or a new collar for your pet. A great way to include your pet in the joy of this season is to spend a little extra time fussing over your pet every night, just before you go to bed.