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Fish Health:

Those who keep pets understand the significance of caring for them and making sure that their pets remain disease free.

Pets are excellent human companions and while you can’t cuddle with your aquatic pets like you would with a dog or a cat, they need equal care and attention.

Here are the symptoms of some of the common fish health problems that your aquarium fish may suffer. To make sure your fish remain healthy, keep on a lookout for these signs of illnesses and disease.

  • A common problem among aquarium fish, the fin when clamped close to the body means something is not quite right. This is one of the initial signs of fish disease.

    If you see your fish with a clamped fin, it is time to call in the doctor. Timely intervention may help prevent a more serious problem.
    When the fish are stressed or diseased, they tend to shimmy. This means that even though they are stationary, it seems they are trying to swim very fast.

    Their fins may be moving and so would their tails but they wouldn’t actually be in a state of motion.
  • If you see a discolored spot on your fish’s body, it needs treatment immediately. The fish may be suffering from itch spots which are quite commonly found in aquarium fish.
  • Along with discolored spots, the fish may sometimes have red and white colored sores on their body. These sores may occur due to fights with other fish in the confined space. Sometimes, the fish may also accidentally scrape itself along sharp surfaces. If not treated immediately, the wound may get bigger and may also infect other fishes in the aquarium.
  • If you see a fish gasping for air at the surface of water, it means that the fish is either unable to absorb oxygen from the water or there is a lack of oxygen in the water. You can find out what’s wrong by checking the other fish. If the other fish are not gasping, it means the oxygen level in the fish tank is normal and the problem lies with the fish.
  • A fish crashed at the bottom of the tank means that it is extremely tired and needs rest. It is also an indication that it is suffering from a disease.
  • Goldfish, one of the most common aquarium pets, are genetically disposed to swimming problems. A swim bladder disorder is one of the most common goldfish health problems which cause the fish to either float on the surface of the tank or sink to the bottom of it. You may even see your goldfish swimming upside down.
  Submitted on July 13, 2010