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House training puppy

House Training Puppy

As soon as there is a new addition to the family in the form of a new puppy, it brings a lot of excitement for everyone in the house.

However, in order that the puppy truly becomes a responsible part of the family, puppy house training is required from the first day itself.

When the puppy is brought home, allow it to drink some water and then immediately take it to the area that has been designated as its toilet area.

Let it sniff around and get familiar with the place before you start playing with the puppy so that it realizes that this part of the house/yard is only for meant for toilet breaks. Thereafter keep a close eye on the puppy’s behavior and notice the signs it displays just before it relieves itself so that next time you can immediately move him to the toilet break area.

Another one of many puppy house training tips is to ensure that a feeding schedule is established and strictly adhered to. The puppy should be taken for walks outside within 15-20 minutes of him having his meals. This way he gets used to defecating on a dirt or gravel surface and will slowly minimize doing so when in the house. Ensure that each time your puppy successfully defecates at the designated spot; he is rewarded with doggy treats and praise thereby reinforcing the behavior. Incase there are more people in the house that the puppy interacts with, make sure that they are involved in the puppies house training. When there are accidents during the training period make sure that the messed up area is cleaned thoroughly with a disinfectant because if the dog smells the urine he will in most cases urinate in the same spot again. Crate training puppies is another way of house training. This method cashes in on the fact that most dogs will almost never soil the area in which they usually sleep. Hence if your puppy is in a crate from where he cannot get out, he will invariably control his urge to urinate until he is taken to the designated spot. The key to house training your puppy successfully is being consistent and patient.

Home dog training
is considered to be most ideal as the dog is trained around people and surroundings it is comfortable and familiar with. Moreover it also reduces the anxiety and stress caused by being separated if sent elsewhere for intensive training.

  Submitted on June 10, 2010  

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