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Jersey wooly

Jersey Wooly Rabbit

The Jersey wooly rabbit was developed by breeding the Netherland dwarfs and the French Angora rabbit.

The Jersey wooly rabbit has an easy to care fur coat and is generally easy to handle, even for beginners wishing to maintain and take care of a new pet. This rabbit breed is quite popular these days and is easy available in various colors. The Jersey wooly rabbit does not weigh much; the ideal weight for a jersey wooly rabbit would be around 3.5 pounds. The rabbit is quite small in size however due to its fluffy hair, it appears slightly larger.

These rabbits have long and erect ears. They however have a compact little body.

The Jersey wooly rabbits have a rather moderate temperament; they are not known to bite and are quite well-disposed. They are calm and make for friendly little bunnies.

While getting yourself a jersey wooly rabbit it is essential you know and watch out for their faults. Their demerits would include narrow body types, with ears in uneven length. Also a jersey wooly rabbit whose ears are not held up nicely are considered to be faulty. Proper and evenly distributed fur is quite important in a jersey wooly rabbit. The wool should not only be even but also have an excellent texture with even length. Your jersey wooly rabbit will require appropriate grooming for avoiding knots and matted hair.

These rabbits require a healthy diet; you can always feed your rabbit the best quality timothy hay or herd’s grass in adequate quantities and also other helpful supplements. While getting yourself a jersey wooly rabbit you should know that these rabbits do not adjust well in temperature changes. You must keep grooming their hair in a humid and hot climate. You might want to be concerned of other health problems such as ear mites, respiratory diseases, urinary bladder stones, Pasteurellosis etc. which are most likely to cause concern to the rabbit health. The life span of a jersey wooly rabbit could be anywhere from 5 to 6 years.

If you take ample of rabbit care through proper diet, correct grooming, spaying/neutering, the life expectancy of these rabbits are known to go up to 10 years. These bunnies require ample of area to roam around, hence you might want to consider getting a bigger cage for these rabbits. A 24 by 24 is a cage which would be most appropriate for these animals. These rabbits need to be handled with care, make sure you do not treat them roughly or even harshly. These delicate creatures are extremely lovable and make great pets.

  Submitted on April 29, 2010