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Dog Grooming Tips and Instructions

 Submitted by Michael Adams on May 12, 2010

Dogs tend to have a hairy coat around them. This makes grooming them essential as taking care of your dog’s coat will help to avoid some tedious problems such as knotting of hair and some more dangerous problems such as skin infections and parasitic infestations.

Dog grooming must start at an extremely young age.

You can learn some dog grooming tips from your vet. Some dogs are averse to the idea of grooming and can be fidgety and not cooperative when you are grooming. This is found to be less common in dogs that are groomed from a young age as they tend to understand the necessity and the positive effect of grooming.

Dog grooming should ideally be done at home and can also include other members of the family, particularly your children as it will teach your children how to care for dog while having your dog and children together is always a good thing when the dog is under your control.  

The most common thing that is required when you are grooming your dog is combing its coat and removing knots in the coat hair. Dog grooming brushes can be used for this purpose and there may be different brushes depending on the type of dog you are grooming as some dogs have longer hair than others. While you are brushing your dog down, you will be able to examine the skin surface and the hair by sight and you will be able to see any ticks or mites that might have infested your dog’s skin. Ticks can be removed by hand and must be placed in a bowl of water so that they die. This water can then be disposed.

Another part of dog grooming is bathing. Bathing is necessary about twice a week or may be more if you live in an environment where your dog gets dirty and dusty easily. This can also be because your dog generally enjoys playing in the muck. A dog grooming bath is a great way to play with your dog while achieving the desired result of a cleaner dog. You should be thorough with your dog’s bath as this bath is likely to be repeated only a few days later. Special care should be taken to clean your dog’s paws and around the claws of the feet. It is possible for dirt and bacteria to accumulate in these areas which can be a problem in the long term.

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