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How to cure eye infection in cats

(December 31, 2009)

Treating eye infections in cats may not be as simple as treating such eye problems in humans, but in most cases routine eye infections can be easily cured. You might have noticed that cats as well as other pets are prone to eye problems such as excess matter draining from their eyes. This excess matter can then create a hygiene problem for your cat. As with most ailments, treating the eye infection your cat has early on is a good idea. It is often observed that newborn kittens are faced with the problem of eye infections. These could be attributable to a variety of health and hygiene problems such as the commonly seen herpes virus as well as bacterial infections.

One has to take into account the nature of the eye infection in the cat when deciding treatment. Conjunctivitis, for instance, is a frequent problem with cats as well as humans. Here it is essentially the front portion of your cat’s eyes that tend to get affected. Treatment, as with any cat eye problems, would effectively be contingent upon the underlying factor behind the appearance of the cat conjunctivitis. Now symptoms here could range from general eye discharge to something as instinctive as persistent squinting. It might even go so far as to cause upper respiratory problems. The problem is that a host of viruses could be behind the conjunctivitis although herpes is most likely to be behind it. There could be other factors like environmental allergens behind the occurrence of the cat’s eye infection.

A cure would be a matter of identifying things that your cat could have been exposed to which might be behind the eye infection. This would mean things like looking at your cat’s environment for possible allergens that could have caused eye trouble. When the source, like a foreign body in your cat’s eye, is identified treatment involves minimizing exposure or removing the factor. The solution is not always so simple and bacterial or viral infections that might be behind the cat eye infection would necessitate medication. In this regard, the veterinarian will be able to prescribe the necessary ointments or oral antibiotics. It would help if you ask your veterinarian for a recommendation for a generic over the counter solution for the eye infection. He or she can judge the seriousness of the infection and chart out a course of action to deal with that cat eye infection.
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