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How do I help a cat gain weight?

(January 7, 2010)

Getting a pet to put on weight can be quite a challenging task. A pet that is too thin or skinny tends to be more prone to illnesses and diseases. Weight loss in a pet can be accounted for by a large number of factors, namely; injury, parasites and illnesses. In case your cat seems to have lost weight all of a sudden, then it could be an indication of something serious. Thus, before embarking on any cat weight gain plan, it is recommended that you get its blood work checked by a vet. Additionally, get a fecal sample tested as well, to ensure that the animal does not have any intestinal parasites. As mentioned earlier, any kind of sudden weight loss in a pet could be an indication of a serious health problem. Hence once a complete check up has been done, and if the results are positive, efforts can then be made to help the pet in gaining weight.

The aim here is to help cat gain weight gradually. In this manner there will be no stress exerted on its system. Get a scale to monitor the cat’s weight on a weekly basis. This is important, as gradual change in weight may be difficult to monitor otherwise. You can supplement the cat’s food with regular human food. Vegetables, cheeses, eggs, fish and fresh meats are all known to help, however make it a point to introduce any new food gradually. This will prevent the pet from getting an upset stomach. One could also try switching over to a new brand of cat food. Remember, pets can be as difficult and finicky when it comes to food, as children. Thus, a change in their food brand could at times actually get them to eat more.

Pour a tablespoon of olive oil on the pet’s food. The oil will help in making its meal more appetizing. This will get the cat to eat more, which over a period of time will help it in gaining weight. Olive oil will also help in improving the texture of your pet’s fur while also eliminating hairballs. Feed the cat two glasses of milk per day; the first cup in the morning and the second in the evening. Do not feed it more than two cup, as it may result in an upset stomach. Additionally, make sure that you feed it whole milk.
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