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How to help cat lose weight?

(January 7, 2010)

Weight problems can affect not just us, but our pets as well. Pets, like humans also need to maintain an ideal body weight. Thus, when an animal weighs more than what it is ideally supposed to, it is considered to be overweight. Being overweight is different from being obese. While the former generally refers to having 2-3 pounds more than the average, the latter refers to being about fifteen percent more than the average weight. Obesity and being overweight are two of the most common nutritional disorders that affect cats. The ideal weight for cats is measured at anything between 8-10 pounds. Hence, a cat that weighs more than 12 pounds is considered to be overweight. Being overweight is obviously not healthy, not for human or animals. An overweight cat is more susceptible to diseases and illnesses such as; hepatic lipidosis, cardiovascular disease, cystitis or infections of the lower urinary tract, lameness and diabetes mellitus. As per recent research, neutered cats, indoor cats, male cats and non-pedigree cats, face a greater risk of obesity.

Here are a few home remedies to help your feline lose weight. Exercise is the best way of losing unwanted weight. As the cat can’t obviously join a gym or take up jogging, the onus lies on you for increasing its activity. Play sessions are the best way of getting a cat to be more active. Indulge in play sessions daily and regularly; over a period of time it will definitely show results. Cats were not built to consume foods that are rich in carbohydrates. Unlike humans and dogs, they are unable to digest carbohydrates effectively. In other words these animals were born to eat meat, true carnivores. Thus, feed your cat a diet which is purely meat based or low in carbs and fat, and high in protein.

Being strict with respect to the cat’s diet is also important. Do not feed the cat freely throughout the day. Additionally, do not leave a bowlful of cat food lying around. Monitor the cat’s meals. Feed it small meals 3-4 times a day. Ideally, a seven pound cat needs to be fed about an ounce of food every meal; this equates to the weight of a small mouse. It is time to cut down on treats and snacks, as this will interfere with the calorie count. If you feel compelled to give it a snack, then take a small portion out of its meal and feed it to the cat later.
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