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Why does cat have bad breathe?

(February 24, 2010)

A cat’s breath or any animal’s breath for that matter, may not be all that pleasant for most people. There are various contributing factors which may account for the breath of animals and there is the basic problem of lack of dental care. However, there are different measures cat owners can take which could deal with the cat bad breath problem. Cat teeth cleaning is a regular part of hygienic pet care which a lot of owners tend to overlook. One knows that bad breath in humans often has a lot to do with neglecting one’s teeth. The same applies to a cat although one need not be as fanatical about actual brushing of cat teeth as one would about one’s own. At the same time, toothpastes and other products such as rinses should not be the same as those used by you. There are different such products available for cat teeth cleaning which are specifically meant for cats. One would have to look at different toothpaste options for cats which come in different flavors which a cat would have to finally adjust to.

Brushing cat teeth can be very different from brushing one’s own and there are different considerations when it comes to such care for your cat’s teeth. The first thing to do would be to get your cat accustomed to the general feel of you using a toothbrush or something similar in his or her mouth. Cats tend to be fussy and might need time to slowly build up to actual brushing of cat teeth. Thus you would need to start with something as simple as getting the cat accustomed to the brush being positioned in the mouth from time to time. Then one would have to slowly work towards brushing just a few teeth initially such that the cat is not overly uncomfortable. There are different dental problems that all cats could suffer from, such as gum inflammation and the presence of ulcers, which would account for the cat’s breath problems. One has to remember that a cat with particularly bad breath might have some health issues such as lung disease, which must not be overlooked. For instance, digestive problems in a cat could account for breath which is unpleasant. It would be a good idea to point out the bad breath problem in your cat at the next veterinarian visit and do this soon if the bad breath is particularly noticeable.

Submitted by M A on February 24, 2010 at 11:38


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