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How to treat diarrhea in cats?

(February 24, 2010)

When it comes to cat diarrhea causes, there could be intestinal problems or certain problems with the cat’s diet. One could review the diet and take a look at the recent things that the cat might have ingested. This is because one would need to know whether a new treat or some food from your table has led to this problem with the cat. This can help in future so that the cat is not offered such food which could lead to diarrhea. There could also be more serious causes for cat diarrhea such as parasites and liver disease. One should also observe the diarrhea for signs such as worms or possibly blood, which would need to be reported to the veterinarian. For cat diarrhea treatment, one would need to check the severity of the problem before deciding whether home treatment would be adequate. This is because in most cases we might have noticed that the diarrhea passes without much problem. It is the same in humans where intervention is typically not considered necessary. However, if the dehydration is severe, the diarrhea would be worth the vet’s visit.

One needs to understand that with cat diarrhea, as with human diarrhea, the underlying fear would be the fear of dehydration. This is because the fluid loss can be quite severe and the persistence of the diarrhea and its severity would influence this loss. This can be alarming since the rapid decline in fluids would spell further trouble for the cat with diarrhea. One would need to make good this loss and see to it that the cat does not need treatment for severe dehydration as well. To stave off the dehydration symptoms, there are a number of things that you can do for the cat. Water may be offered and could even be administered to the cat with the help of a dropper if necessary as this is an important part of cat diarrhea treatment. Electrolytes would become necessary, just as when we suffer from problems like diarrhea. However, milk should be avoided for a while since this may further upset the cat’s stomach and cause diarrhea. Look for simple foods that the cat may eat and those which are devoid of artificial colors and other artificial ingredients. As mentioned earlier, if the cat is exhibiting signs of dehydration which seem to be getting worse, a vet’s visit should be in order. Furthermore, if the diarrhea persists, one should take the cat to the veterinarian to expedite the treatment.

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