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How much exercise cat needs?

(March 9, 2010)

Exercise is one of the basic components for the health of your cat. Your cat may face some behavioral problems (destructive) and physical problems (obesity) if their energy is not utilized in a positive way. Pet cats do not need to hunt for food or fight for shelter, unlike street cats, and this timely food and protection never really offers them much opportunity or necessity to utilize their energy.  As a result, your cat may become bored and frustrated, and this excess energy will manifest in strange behaviors such as chewing at your plants, scratching your furniture, tearing your carpets, climbing the curtains, and running back and forth across the room or around the perimeter. Moreover, lack of exercise may cause obesity and diet issues in cats, resulting in their early death.

In order to prevent these problems from occurring, you should ensure that your cat is always mentally stimulated and has plenty of opportunity for exercise.  Cats have high intensity and high energy levels that come in short bursts; it needs some exercise such as short 10-minute periods during the day in which it can play. Given below are some tips about exercising your cat regularly in order to keep them active and healthy:

•    A feather teaser is a good toy for your cat. Play with it for at least 5 minutes using the feather teaser.

•    Provide your cat with a type of toy that can arouse its curiosity such as scratching posts, balls of many different materials, or batting toys that will help your cat get stimulated. In other words, toys that can encourage activities such as scratching, chasing, and batting are a must.

•    You can also play games such as “kitty fishing” that allows them to stretch their body. Tie and mock grey mouse (available at pet stores) to the end of a fishing pole that’s no longer in use. Then, simply cast the mouse, and let your cat chase it. You can keep moving the mouse so that your cat gets some more exercise, but make sure you let your cat catch it every now and then.

•    Cat furniture that doubles as a scratching post is also a good buy. Your cat will spend a lot of time scratching himself/herself, giving it good exercise. When a cat hauls itself up a vertical, carpeted surface, it is stretching its entire body and carrying its entire body weight. This kind of weight-bearing exercise is excellent for them.

•    You can also place your cat's food at certain distance, such as on the terrace or on a different floor of your house, this will force them to take the stairs or jump through walls.

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