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What are the cat pregnancy stages?

(April 13, 2010)

Cat Gestation Period

There are a couple of stages that your cat goes through when she becomes pregnant where the gestation period lasts for around 63 days but may take anything in between 59 to 71 days. You will not know whether or not your cat is pregnant for a couple of weeks unless you are breeding them. Some signs that indicate they are pregnant include their nipples becoming large, an increase in weight along with an increase in their appetite and when they begin nesting. The first trimester is characterized by the process of fertilization, wherein the fertilized eggs are moving towards the uterus and it is when these eggs combine with the ovum that implantation occurs and it takes about 2 weeks for it to happen. During the second trimester, your cat might feel like vomiting and in the final semester, you are able to feel the kittens inside the stomach by the 8th week.

Along with these there are other changes in their personality and physical appearance that you can notice where initially your cat might be unusually quiet and sleep the entire day. You will notice that the level of activity has decreased to a great level and also, she will not be interested in any male cats. You will feel your cat showing a lot more affection and emotion towards you. On the contrary, if your cat is generally very affectionate, she might just withdraw herself or be shy. You will observe the physical changes only after 3 week gestation. The nipples of your cat become large and appear pink in color and they might also start to produce milk which continues up to birth. Nesting refers to the stage where in the cat starts looking for a place where she can give birth to her kittens and is an indication that the babies are due anytime.

It is important that you take a lot of care of your cats giving them the right diet so that they can get the nutrition that they need and make sure that you give them a lot of fresh and clean water to drink. Her diet needs to increase towards the end so that along with her, her kittens are also able to get the nourishment. In order to keep her muscles toned and keep her physically fit, make sure that she continues to have her exercises. It is important that you take your cat to the veterinarian to get her examined and rule out the possibilities for any complications.

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