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Why does cat pass wind?

(April 28, 2010)

A cat passing wind can be very smelly and quite an embarrassment for many cat owners. Any living thing with a stomach and bowel will develop gas every now and then. So if your cat passes wind occasionally there is no need to be too worried. Sometimes you may notice that the cat has a persistent problem and it keeps passing wind at least three to four times in half an hour. This could probably be because it ate some thing that didn’t agree with it. Many cat owners believe that their cats pass wind when they are frightened. However one of the main reasons why a cat passes wind is due to a poor quality diet. Monitor your cats’ diet carefully, as some cats have a very sensitive digestive system. It is a known fact that cats are individuals so one may be content eating one type of food while others will have problems with it.

When a female cat gives birth she tends to pass gas for sometime. However this gas is temporary. This problem will continue while she is still nursing her kittens. The main reason why this happens is because the cats’ body has gone through so many changes in the process of giving birth and now is in the nursing stage.

You should avoid feeding your cat cheap wet canned foods as these very often contain more water and fats. Some cat owners notice that when they feed their cats’ dry foods and certain variety of wet food that are high in carbs it helps with the digestive enzymes. Many vets also recommend using Probiotics. But you have to be careful to gradually introduce and then increase the dosage so that the cat has the time to get used to it. If you have decided to move your cat to dry food then it’s important to go in for the best. Dry food with as little filler as possible is always recommended. Although this may cost a little more it’s definitely worth it.

If you’ve tried changing the food and still there is no change in the cat’s condition, then take the cat to the vet and have him analyze the stool sample. The vet will be able to look out for possible imbalances in the stomach acids and if there is a worm infection. Very often flatulence is a symptom of worm infections although not the only one.
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