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Why is cat chin going bald? How to treat feline hair loss?

(April 28, 2010)

Hair loss in cats generally occurs when the cat scratches itself when it gets itchy. This itchiness could be caused due to number of reasons such as allergies, fleas and dermatitis. Cat acne is usually visible in the chin area. You will notice that the chin area which is most prone to acne has blocked pores and red spots on it; hair loss is also pretty evident. If you examine it closely you will notice it has tiny black heads.

Cats shed their hair constantly. There are certain areas that get inflamed and red. When the cat licks or scratches those areas excessively, then those areas begin to show bald patches. Hair loss could also be caused due to a scar, skin fungus, mites or fleas, or hormonal imbalances. Stress can also be a cause for hair loss, due to excessive licking or chewing in anxiety.  If the cat has hair loss plus other symptoms like fever, loss of appetite, weight loss, vomiting then it needs to be seen by a veterinarian immediately Hair loss could also occur due to a reaction to plastic feeding bowls. Always replace plastic bowl with either ceramic or metal bowls and remember to wash them regularly. If your cat is wearing a nylon collar try and replace it with a softer fabric such as cotton or silk.

A condition that is feared by many cat owners is cat alopecia areata. It is an immune disorder in cats. Here the cat looses patches if hair all over it body. The hair loss is most evident on the head neck and body. The cat will not experience any itching and hence it is very difficult to diagnose this problem. It is also quite an ordeal as many experts say there is no real cure for this condition. The diet is mostly responsible when the cat has skin problems where it looses it hair, has bald patches, dull dry coats or even dandruff. This is because the diet either has or is lacking something needed. There are different kinds of alopecia that are caused by parasites or fungus that can be passed on to people. Alopecia is not dangerous; it is a signal of certain internal organs not functioning right.

If you notice that your cat is grooming his hair off or scratching itself too much you might want to take it to the vet to have it examined as the sooner a cat with hair loss is taken to the vet the better it is.
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