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Is UTI more common in cats than dogs? Treatment for urinary tract infection in pets.

(April 28, 2010)

Urinary tract infections are common in both cats as well as dogs. When the pet has it condition it suffers from intense pain during urination. One of the main reasons why the pet gets UTI is due to bacterial infections. When the bacteria enter the urinary tract through the urethra it multiplies in the bladder leading to an infection. UTI is more common in females than males as the urinary tract is shorter. Cats are generally more prone to a urinary tract infection than dogs. If the pet has any abnormalities or suffers from a balder tumor or cancer the chance of an infection are much higher. The diet can also play a great role in developing infections.

The cat urinary tract infection as well as dog urinary tract infection is of two types and each has its own symptoms. The upper urinary tract infection causes symptoms such as vomiting and weight loss where as the lower urinary tract infection causes abnormalities in the urination such as pain and increased frequency of urination. Some other symptoms are foul odor, fever, fatigue and blood in the urine. If you do notice any of these symptoms in your pet, immediate veterinarian attention is needed.

The vet will treat this infection with a course of antibiotics. If it is a very sever infection then surgery may be required. Many vet use herbal remedies today to treat this condition in cats and dogs. In order to prevent this health problem it is important to take good care of your cat and ensure that you spend adequate time on its nutrition and other health related problems.

Your cat should always have a fresh supply of clean drinking water. As water helps flush out the harmful bacteria. Always ensure that the litter box is kept clean as bacteria thrive in dirty litter boxes. The immune system of your cat also weakens with age. It is during this time that they are most prone to all sorts of infections. Give your cat both dry as well as wet food as too much dry food extracts liquid and reduce the number of urinations. This increases the bacteria present leading to a urinary infection. Cranberry and blueberry juice is also recommended as they make the lining of the urethra and bladder slippery which make it difficult for the bacteria hold on. Many vets also prescribe tonics that contain herbal ingredients such as uva ursi which help prevent as well as deal with recurring infections.

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