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How to Select Dog Breed?

(April 30, 2010)

Selecting Dog Breed

Getting a dog can be quite an exciting time for a family. Selecting the right dog breed takes a lot of time and has to be a well thought out decision. You need to do some research on dog breeds when making your final decision. There are many reasons why people have dogs as pets some of them are for protection, as a pet for their children, as a show dog or as a companion. You have to decide why you want the dog as it helps you choose the right breed.

Before you choose dog breed you also need to consider the size of the dog you want and your living circumstances. If you are looking for a large dog you need to ensure that your house is big enough for the new pet to cohabit with the owners and any other pets you may already have. If you plan on getting a large dog in a small space you need to provide it plenty of opportunity to exercise outside the house or apartment. Some breeds are okay with a short walk, however some breeds need to run for a couple of hours everyday. If you want an active dog but are going to be busy working most of the day it would be better not to get one. Your dog will enjoy the jog and activity with you over the weekends but will be miserable through out the week and sometimes even turn destructive.

You also need consider the cost involved. You have to set aside a budget for basic needs such as food and cleaning products. You will also have to look at the dog health care cost involved, as well as visits to the Veterinary. If you have a limited budget then that would limit your ability to choose a specially bred dog. Understand that there are certain breeds that are not recommended for first time owners. If you have had a dog in the past think about what you liked most about it as it will help you make your decision of which breed to go in for. Children and dogs can either make a wonderful mix or a bad one. You need to be able to spend some time training the dog as well as your child to treat each other appropriately.

Go to a dog show in your area as it is a good way to get information on the different breeds available. This will help you pick a dog breed as well as meet local breeders.

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