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What do dogs eat?

(August 13, 2010)

In order to determine what do dogs eat and what is the right meal plan for dogs, owners should keep in mind that the dog’s diet should include cooked or raw meat, grains, vegetables, fruits, organ meats etc. Dog owners are most concerned about what can dogs’ eats as owning a strong and healthy dog is a matter of pride which can be achieved by ensuring that the dog is on a balanced diet. One should ensure that their dog has a regular and sufficient supply of clean drinking water to keep them hydrated and the skin and coat soft and supple. They should also be fed moderate amounts of milk on account of its high calcium content which is beneficial to the dog. However excessive consumption of milk may cause dog diarrhea and hence should be avoided. Growing puppies and even pregnant dogs have certain additional nutritional requirements which need to be adequately met. Dog owners should include plenty of protein rich foods in their dog’s daily diet as the required protein content in the dogs diet is around 20 to 30 percent. Some excellent sources of proteins are salmon, lamb, chicken and pulses.  

Balanced and healthy dog food and diet also includes minerals such as phosphorus and calcium which are required for the healthy development of cells and tissue as well as bones and teeth. Carbohydrate rich foods like pasta, rice and cereals are the energy sources of the dog and hence should be included in his daily diet along with foods that are high in fiber as this will provide for smooth bowel movements. One should try and avoid feeding their dog only raw meats as far as possible as this makes them prone to a number of infections and diseases such as toxicity caused by consumption of raw liver. Additionally, any possible soft small bones may also cause the dog to choke. Dogs owners should also ensure that they do not feed their dogs foods like chocolate, avocadoes, macadamia nuts, onions etc as they are known to be toxic and even fatal to the dog if consumed in large quantities. One should also not feed the dog raw eggs as they get deprived of biotin by consuming raw eggs, Moreover if the dog is continuously being fed raw eggs then he may suffer from hair loss, dermatitis and poor growth overall. Dog owners should also avoid feeding their dogs’ table scraps as they may harm the dog’s bowel movements.
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