Berger Picard Dog and Breeders | Size and Personality | Cost of Berger Picard

Information on Berger Picard Dog, Personality and Breeders

The Berger Picard can be described as one of the oldest breeds of French dogs, which belong to the herding groups. Pet experts are not quite sure about the history of the Berger Picard; some believe that these dogs are related to the Beauceron and the Braird, while others claim that these dogs share a common origin with the Belgian and Dutch Shepherds. Also known as Picardy Shepherds, these dogs were on the verge of extinction after both the world wars and therefore, they continue to remain a rare breed in this day and age. Studies reveal that at the moment, there are only around 200 Berger Picard dogs in all of the United States and Canada. However, in France, around 3,500 dogs of this dog breed can be found.

The Berger Picard is a medium sized dog, which has a body that is tall and quite long. They can weigh anywhere between 50 and 70 pounds, or between 23 and 32 kilos. They usually stand at a height of around 21 to 26 inches. Their coat is generally rough to the touch and is fairly long. However, since the hair is neither light, nor fluffy, it does not fly around, even in the air. Although the eyebrows in the Berger Picard dogs are big, they do not shield the eyes. Their ears are high-set, wide at the base and are erect.

Some of the personality traits observed in the Berger Picard dogs are that they are sensitive, lively, intelligent and respond to obedience training quite quickly. They are quite mellow and can even be a bit laid back in their attitude. They are alert, hardworking, loyal and sweet-tempered, especially when they are interacting with children. However, they can be a bit stubborn and are also a bit reserved when it comes to strangers. They get quite attached to their owners and their families, because of which they require constant human companionship. These dogs should not be left alone; instead they can be allowed to interact with other animals. Dogs that belong to the Berger Picard breed are also known to perform most jobs eagerly and with a lot of enthusiasm, as long as they are encouraged to do it and get praised at the end of it. However, it is important for all pet owners to ensure that the Berger picard puppies receive the right training right from the beginning. Berger picard breeders often advise potential pet owners to ensure that the dogs receive an adequate amount of physical exercise each day. This is very important for them to release some of their abundant energy, failing which, they may also engage in rowdy play and destructive behavior.

Berger picard price is dependant on several factors and therefore, it may vary. However, the average Berger picard cost could be anywhere between US $ 1,000 and US $ 2,500.