Dog Yellow Teeth Causes, Treatments, Cleaning | Canine Gum Diseases

Dog Yellow Teeth

Dental hygiene is an important part of the health of a dog but this aspect is neglected by many pet owners and not taken care of. Dog’s teeth are normally whitish yellow in color but if they appear as dark yellow then it is a possible symptom of calculus being built up. Dog’s gums should also be pink in color which is an indication that they are in good health. Dog yellow teeth are the result of plaque that settle down on the teeth and turn into tartar. The reason for this built up could be many and this needs to be treated early as it will eventually cause diseases of the gums. Moreover, it not only affects the teeth but may also affect certain other parts of the body. A lot of pet owner brush their dog’s teeth on a regular basis after seeing their yellow teeth but that does not help to get rid of the yellowness but will only help to prevent any more accumulation. Dog gum disease is a common occurrence that all dogs suffer from at some point in life and older dogs are prone to it. There are two main types of dog gum diseases and they are gingivitis and periodontitis where the former is a condition that causes loss of gums and the latter leads to not only the loss of gums but also loss of bones. Canine tooth abscess is another problem that can appear if there is an infection in the tooth that is the result of bacteria.

Thus, dog dental care become important so that your dog does not have any problems and frequent trips to the veterinarian are avoided. You can also take your dog to the vet for examination where he will advise you on whether they need to be cleaned or no. Observe their teeth regularly to look for any signs and symptoms that indicate teething problems. Bad breath, difficulty in chewing, sore gums that have turned red, gums that bleed and teeth that have become loose or are missing and dog yellow teeth are indications of unhealthy teeth and should be treated immediately. You need to brush your dog’s teeth on a regular basis with toothpaste that is especially available for dogs. If this is not possible at home, you can take them to the veterinarian to get their teeth cleaned. Also, feeding them with raw food enables to keep the teeth clean in a natural way.