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July 14, 2010

Make Dog Vomit Using Hydrogen Peroxide, Salt | Induce Vomiting in Dogs

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Make Dog Vomit

Dogs are one of the most lovable domestic pets and are highly regarded for their undying loyalty and affection. Because of their natural hunting skills, most breeds of canine will also make very good watch dogs. As with any pet owner, it is always rather heart wrenching to see your beloved animal suffer from any kind of medical ailment or discomfort. When the symptoms of the same are rather apparent, it can be a rather scary situation. Vomiting in humans is generally a sign that something has not been digested properly; disagrees with the digestive system or simply the result of a bug or infection in the digestive tract. The causes of the occurrence in dogs will have more or less the same grounding. However, it is not uncommon to attempt to induce dog vomiting if it is seen as a medically beneficial step in the efforts to nullify some other ailment. For example, one way of getting some indigestible object out of the animals body is to give the animal a laxative while the other is to induce vomiting. Some of the more common instances when inducing a dog to vomit include the animal swallowing an acid, alkali, heavy duty cleaner or solvent; ingestion of some kind of petroleum products as well as a phase in which the animal appears to be going through a phase of severe depression or comatose.

One of the first steps to take when you feel that induction of dog vomiting may be required to help the animal is to identify the object or substance consumed. If you approach a veterinarian for help, this is probably one of the first questions they will ask you. Depending on the kind of object or substance consumed, the seriousness of the condition is likely to vary along with the window of opportunity that the veterinarian has to work in – especially if the substance ingested is highly poisonous. One of the best methods of inducing vomiting in dog is to place a single half teaspoon of salt towards the back of the tongue. Another very efficient method would be to give the animal a single teaspoon of ipecac syrup for every 10 pounds body weight of the dog or ever 3% hydrogen peroxide solution in three teaspoons every ten minutes. You could also try mixing an activated charcoal tablet with 2 teaspoons of water as it helps prevent the onset of toxins from reaching the bloodstream by absorbing or deactivating the poison.

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