Metal Poisoning in Dogs Symptoms | Effects of Metal Toxicity in Dogs

Metal Poisoning in Dogs

Metal poisoning in dogs is as dangerous for them as it is for humans – the effect can be life threatening. In order to find out the presence as well as test the levels of metal present in the dog’s body hair analysis can be conducted. If there are traces of metals such as arsenic, lead or iron then this is called iron toxicity in dogs. Mercury poisoning dogs is another problem wherein traces of mercury are found. The presence of all metals in the body can be detected through hair testing as it is an extension of the body. A large amount of these metals are very dangerous and can lead to the death of the dog in a very short time period.

The extent to which these metals will affect the dog also depends on a few factors such as the type of dog, their size and body weight. There are a number of ways in which your dog could get metal poisoning. There are heavy metals present in the environment or the air which the dog breathes in – for instance, if you live next to a manufacturing site the dog breathes in this polluted air and might even lap up some of the waste metals if left carelessly around. Another way of getting metal poisoning is due to the amount of heavy metals present in our everyday water and food. Metals and chemicals such as chlorine are infused into water and food items to cleanse them of certain impurities. When such foods are consumed in large amounts, it can be very harmful to the animal. There is also the danger of the chemicals emitted from cars, buses and waste in dumping grounds.

Some of the immediate side effects of metal poisoning you may notice are vomiting, stomach aches, and ulcers. The reason for this is that the presence of heavy metals in the body causes a disproportion in the already prevailing natural minerals of your dog’s body. There is some recourse you can resort to – such as allopathic cures or homeopathy medicines that are dissolvable in water so it is easier for you to give your dog the medication. If you do suspect that your dog is suffering from metal poisoning then it is best to immediately rush it to the nearest vet for an examination. The vet will check the level of metal poisoning in the dog’s body and tell you the next course of action.

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