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May 24, 2010

Iron Toxicity in Dogs Symptoms | Effects of Iron Poisoning in Pet Dog

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Iron Toxicity in Dogs

Iron is usually vital for the production of red blood cells in the human or animal body. It can be obtained from various different vitamins and supplements. Normally iron toxicity is found to occur when there is an accidental ingestion by way of overdose of iron supplements or also from accidental ingestion of different supplements. Iron is found in various different forms and is usually indicated on packaging with the help of ‘ferrous’ which is the word that means ‘contains iron’. There are various different forms of iron which can result in iron toxicity. These forms are called as ferrous fumarate, ferrous sulfate, ferrous carbonate and ferrous phosphate. When there are toxic quantities of iron in the body it can lead to damage being caused in the intestinal lining and also to the stomach region. Iron toxicity in dogs can also result in heart damage and in severe damage to the liver. Iron toxicity is a form of metal poisoning in dogs. One’s pets are harmed more easily than the human owner by an iron overdose as these animals are not able to remove the excess iron easily from their bodies. Even if small doses of iron are given over a long time span, toxicity of iron can still develop in the body only because the body is not able to rid itself of the iron that is present already. Some of the main symptoms of iron poisoning in dogs is drowsiness, lethargy and listlessness and also vomiting. The dog may also suffer from bloody diarrhea.

The first indications of iron poisoning will be visible in about 6 to 7 hours of the dog having consumed the toxic quantities of iron. At times without being given any treatment, the dog may start to improve once the first gastrointestinal upset has passed. If the dog however has not recovered in 24 hours, then the diarrhea will start to come back and it may be accompanied by dog liver failure. The dog may also go into shock or into a coma. There may be some bleeding disorder that can also accompany the problem.

Among the veterinary world, mercury poisoning is found to be most common amongst cattle and also dogs. Mercury poisoning in dogs is limited in most other species primarily because these animals may not have access to the metal. This form of poisoning is mainly rampant in the urban environment.

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