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Domestic Long Hair Cat Personality | Domestic Long Haired Cat Breed

Domestic Long Hair Cat
The domestic long haired cat is a breed of cat with longer fur. The domestic long hair is actually the product of mixed breeding, over several generations. The domestic long hair cat personality makes it a great pet as it is a very social and friendly animal. The domestic long hair cat [...]

Biggest Domestic Cat Breed In The World | Largest Domestic Cat Breeds

Biggest Domestic Cat Breed
There is a lot of debate about the world’s biggest domestic cat. There is no one breed that can take this coveted title. This is because a genetic disorder known as gigantism can affect any cat and make it larger than the average household cat. The biggest domestic is usually the cat [...]

Domestic Long Hair Cat Breed | American, British Long Hair Cats

Domestic Long Hair Cat
Longhair cats look beautiful and are a pleasure to keep as pets. There are many different domestic longhair cat breeds. The long hairs of a cat are caused due to a recessive gene. A combination of two genes is required for the cat to be long haired. Cats which have only one [...]