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Puppy Chewing Training Tips, Advice | Stop Puppy Chew Behavior

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Puppies Chewing Training

Most puppies will chew on something. Puppies like babies tend to put everything in their mouths. Puppies try and understand and learn their new surroundings by licking and sniffing everything and by chewing on everything. It is the owners or the trainer’s job to teach the puppies which items cannot be chewed up and what is definitely off limits.

There are numerous tips to puppy chewing training. These include the owner spending some time in making their house puppy proof.  In this way the owner will spend a lot lesser time in shouting at or correcting the young pup. Thus it is beneficial to put away all breakable pieces of furniture and artifacts. One should keep away their plants and rugs. Cover all electrical wiring and put all trash bins out if reach of the pup. One should also put away all householder cleaners and toilet paper. Also shoes and clothes should not be left around in places that a puppy can reach.  Next one should give the puppy only a few toys that it can play with and chew. If the puppy has too many then it loses interest very quickly and will also not be bale to differentiate between what belongs to him and what belongs to the owner. The owner should try and confine the dog to a single place which is free from all dangers and also does not contain anything the dog can chew on and destroy. Owners should give their dogs plenty of exercise in the outdoors to thus get rid of any excess energy. Hence at a minimum one should give the puppy at least 2 hours of exercise in a day. One can try playing fetch or catch the ball. This will also stop the dog from chewing. If the puppy has a playmate then this can help it too as playing will help it to expend more energy too.  These are also good adult dog training chewing tips. One should try and train their dogs while they are still young. At this stage the puppy is more likely to learn faster and in this way one can learn to correct the minor problems and thus prevent them from becoming the major ones. An owner can use a bitter spray that can prove to be effective especially in the case of those dogs that are not learning that they should not chew on certain objects. A well trained puppy can be a delightful companion.

Puppy Training with Patience and Persistence | Train Puppies

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How to Train Puppy

There are a few things to keep in mind when training a dog. First and foremost, the training should build a strong relationship between the owner and the dog which is based on mutual respect and trust. Being harsh with your dog and scolding him repeatedly during training will only cause the dog anguish and can make him feel ostracized. A training program that is strict and demanding on the dog can lead to you breaking your dog’s spirit. Dogs are creatures of habit so the sooner you start training the dog the better it is. If you let bad habits develop when they are puppies it gets difficult to break these habits later on.

  • The first step is house training the pup. Puppies have no control over their bowel and bladder and end up eliminating all over the place. In order to train a pup you should confine it to a room which is covered with newspaper. Make sure the bed, toys, food and water are all in this room. It will get used to eliminating on the paper and very soon you will notice that he has a preferred zone in this room that he eliminates on. Slowly move this paper to your preferred location ensuring that you don’t move it more than an inch a day.
  • Biting and mouthing is common behavior in a pup especially when playing and teething. They learn to control this naturally when they are allowed to socialize with other pups by the reaction and the way other dogs interact with it. If a pup is not allowed to socialize a lot it ends up biting people due to fear or aggressive behavior it has developed.
  • Controlling your dog’s barking is also important as it can be quite a nuisance. Most dogs that are left alone for most of the day tend to bark as they are lonely, bored, frustrated or scared. These are all situation that you can control. All you need to do is ensure that your dog is well exercised, you spend some time with it everyday and it is given the opportunity to socialize with other dogs.
  • Chewing is a destructive habit common in puppies when they are teething. You can control this by spraying some bitter apple spray on the furniture or certain areas and objects that your dog normally chews. You can also get your pup some chew toys.

There are many books as well as online help that will give you a lot of puppy training tips.