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Buffalo Health Care | Caring for Buffalo | How to Care for Buffalo

Buffalo Health Care:
Buffaloes are an integral aspect of the Asian landscape just as bison are to the American Indians on the American plains. For over centuries, buffaloes have helped humans in moving loads by drawing and pulling. More importantly the species has supplied man with buffalo milk, meat, skins, leather, horn, and fuel through its [...]

Buffalo Health Problems | Buffalo Health Care, Disorders

Buffalo Health:
There are two common domesticated breeds of buffaloes, namely the American bison and the Asian water buffalo. The African buffalo although slightly larger to the wild Asian water buffalo is highly unpredictable in nature and hence has remained wild because of the dangers it poses to humans. Water buffaloes are widely used in transport, [...]

Cow Diet | Cattle Foods | Healthy Nutrition for Cow Health Care

Cow Diet:
Surprisingly a cow’s diet is complex although at first it may appear that all that a cow needs is grass. Some of the key ingredients in cow nutrition include fresh green grass, whole grains, fiber and clean water. It is important that dairy cows or milking cows are fed a balanced and nutritionally wholesome [...]

Cow Breeds | Best Cattle Breeds | Different Categories of Cow Breeds

Breeds of Cow:
There are believed to be over 900 cow breeds throughout the world, most of which have been bred to adapt to daily life, while others are specially bred by people for more specific functions. Breeds of cows are typically placed into two main categories, which are considered to be either two closely linked [...]

Cow Disease Symptoms | Cattle Health Problems, Signs, Treatments

Cow Health:
Dairy cow health is an important issue among herders and breeders alike as cattle are considered to be the foundation for a multi-million dollar industry across the world. The milk or dairy industry’s future is greatly dependent upon the improvement of cattle and enhancement of livestock. In order to ensure more milk from fewer [...]

Pet Goat Health Problems | Healthy Goat Signs | Goat Diseases and Ailments

Goat Health Disorders:
Knowing how to maintain goat health and identifying issues regarding goat health problems is a vital part of the goat meat and dairy industry. It is extremely vital to be able to discern goat disease and nip it in the bud before it spreads to the rest of the goat herd. With optimal [...]

Pet Goat Information, Facts | Billy Goat | Nanny Goat

Pet Goat Info:
Goat information: Goats are considered to one of the earliest cultivated and domesticated species. Goats are extremely useful for their nutritious milk, for meat, wool, and skins all over the world. In recent years, goats have also gained in popularity for companionship or amusement. Female mammals in goats are known as ‘does’ or [...]