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Best Natural Kitten Food and Diet | Homemade Food and Recipes

Kitten Food
Feeding your kitten well and right is very important. Kittens, as they are growing rapidly, need proper nutrition and food especially meant for kittens.  A kitten diet is easy to maintain. Kitten food needs to contain goods fats like Omega 3 fatty acids and minerals like phosphorus, calcium and potassium to build strong teeth [...]

Dry Cat Food Analysis | Reviews, Ratings for Dry Cat Food

Dry Cat Food Analysis
The health of cats is determined by the quality of nutrition they receive. Studies have shown that natural foods and good quality canned food promotes better health in felines than dry cat food or kibble. Offering your cat the right type of food will help to protect her from several illnesses and [...]

Cat Stops Eating Dry Food | Cat Stops Eating Wet Food

Eating problems in cats can occur due to a variety of reasons. In case your cat’s refusal for food lasts beyond 24 hours, it is advisable to have him examined by a veterinarian. One of the reasons why cats stop eating is stress. Changes in the surroundings such as introduction of new pet, rearranged furniture [...]

Cat Appetite Stimulant Side Effects | Cat Appetite Increase, Enhancer

Cat Appetite Stimulant
A cat appetite stimulant can help your cat regain a healthy and happy lifestyle. Cats often stop drinking and eating due to either age, stress, sickness or fatigue. Cat food could be another reason for loss of appetite. It is important to find out the cause behind the sudden decline in eating so [...]

Good, Best Quality Cat Foods | What is Highest Quality Cat Food

Quality Cat Foods
Caring for any pet involves regular visits to the vet, adequate exercise, and an observant eye looking out for any signs of illness. One of the most important tasks for you as a cat owner however would be to pick out quality cat food. Choosing a quality cat food may seem simple enough, [...]

Best Canned Cat Food Benefits for Urinary Health, Diabetes, Overweight

Best Canned Cat Food
Cats have certain nutritional needs and pet owners must take these into consideration.  Carefully choosing the appropriate cat food will help to promote the optimum health of the cat. The most common types of cat food are canned food and dry food. Both these foods are easily available in the market. Research [...]

Quality Cat Food | Natural High Quality Foods for Feline

High Quality Cat Food
It is not the easiest thing to replicate all the required nutrients that a cat gets from a commercial diet with a homemade one but it can be done. A quality cat food diet should include 2/3 parts of meat, about one-third of some grains and also some vegetables or some fruit. [...]

Cat Supplements | Fiber, Joint, Vitamin Supplements for Feline Health Care

Supplements for Cats
Do check with your vet before giving your cat any cat supplements. Some people feel that a well fed, healthy cat does not need any supplements at all while others think that supplements help to prevent disease and maintain cat health. There are several varieties of supplements freely available these days and it [...]

Unhealthy Cat Foods | Poisonous, Bad Foods for Cat Health

Bad Foods for Cat
Cats are one of the most common household pets and are only rivaled in popularity by dogs. Cats are very affectionate animals and provide great company although they are very independent in their behavior as well as loyalty. While cats are usually known to be aloof at the best of times, only [...]

Cat Eating Habits | Feline Eating Behavior |Cat Eating Problems

Eating Problems in Cats:
It is important for cats to consume the right amounts of nutrients to maintain a normal healthy life. Nutritional requirements vary throughout the lifecycle of cats’ lives; so, you must feed your cat the right food depending on its growth stage. As a responsible owner you must understand your cat’s needs and [...]