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Best Natural Kitten Food and Diet | Homemade Food and Recipes

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Kitten Food

Feeding your kitten well and right is very important. Kittens, as they are growing rapidly, need proper nutrition and food especially meant for kittens.  A kitten diet is easy to maintain. Kitten food needs to contain goods fats like Omega 3 fatty acids and minerals like phosphorus, calcium and potassium to build strong teeth and bones.

Best Natural Kitten Food and Diet

Good and natural kitten food is the best kitten diet. The best kitten food can be a combination of dry and canned kitten food. The combination of wet and dry food develops a good balance for the kitten. The wet food provides the balance of protein and fats that kittens need in plenty while growing rapidly while the dry food allows the kitten to learn to chew food properly.

If you want to change the brand of dry food for the kittens, start by mixing some of the new stuff with the old stuff and gradually increase it every day. Once the kitten noses out the new pellets, you can stop giving the old brand. While the kittens are still young, they need to be fed at least four times a day which will reduce to about twice a day as an adult cat.

There are some major don’t while feeding a kitten. Do not give the kitten milk, especially cow’s milk. It causes digestion problems for the cat. Sometimes you can find a milk replacer especially for a cat which can be fed to the cat. But usually if the kittens are already on solid food they do not have a requirement for milk. You can also give your cat milk that has been specially processed for cats.

Homemade Kitten Food and Recipes

Make sure you keep fresh, clean water available for kittens, one that is away from litter and easy for the cat to reach. It is also important to note that you do not feed dog food to the cat. Do not encourage your cat by feeding it kitchen scraps. This will only fill the kitten on the cat’s version of junk food and it will encourage the kitten to ask for scraps.

You can even give your kitten homemade kitten food by trying out some kitten food recipes. Homemade cat food includes some form cooked or raw meat, ground bone meal, pureed vegetables, taurine and multi vitamin supplements. It is also important that you do not feed the kitten liver or tuna meant for humans. It creates an imbalance of vitamins A, D and E.

Dry Cat Food Analysis | Reviews, Ratings for Dry Cat Food

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Dry Cat Food Analysis

The health of cats is determined by the quality of nutrition they receive. Studies have shown that natural foods and good quality canned food promotes better health in felines than dry cat food or kibble. Offering your cat the right type of food will help to protect her from several illnesses and diseases. It will also help to keep veterinary costs low and ensure a longer and healthier life for your cat. It is advisable to make a dry cat food analysis before offering it to your cat.

Dry food for cats is composed primarily of grains. Grains mainly consist of starch and hence are considered to be carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are added to cat food to make the food firm and add texture to it. This enables the food to stay intact during production processes. Dry cat food or kibble is commonly fed to cats. However, cats are carnivorous animals and hence many experts believe that a diet consisting exclusively of carbohydrates and starch may not be suitable for them. There is up to 30 – 40 percent of carbohydrates present in dry cat food which may serve to increase the risk of diabetes in cats. Wet cat food, on the other hand, contains large amounts of protein and this is more appropriate for carnivores. Cats have increased liver enzyme activity since energy is produced from amino acids. As a result of this, cats have a higher requirement of protein. Even if they are fed low protein foods they are unable to lower this activity. Therefore many cats that eat primarily dry food tend to suffer from fatty liver disease. In their natural surroundings, cats do not eat the high levels of carbohydrates that dry foods offer. It is essential for cats to drink water along with their food as cats do not experience much thirst. Water is necessary for hydration and proper functioning of the body. Since cats do not drink enough water on their own, they must be fed wet food that contains some amounts of water in it. A strictly dry foot diet will only serve to make them susceptible to chronic dehydration. Dry food manufacturers tend to use carb rich foods like grains as fillers too, as they are much cheaper than protein rich food sources like meat. This is why most dry cat food ratings are very low. Some brands do offer high quality food though, so it is important for you to make a thorough dry cat food analysis before purchasing any product.

It is not necessary to completely eliminate dry food from the diet. Owners can feed dry food to cats when they are away as it does not spoil easily. Dry cat food is also known to keep the teeth clean by reducing plaque buildup. When buying dry cat food, it is advisable to do some research first. There are many websites that provide dry cat food ratings and dry cat food reviews that can help one make a decision.

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Cat Stops Eating Dry Food | Cat Stops Eating Wet Food

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Eating problems in cats can occur due to a variety of reasons. In case your cat’s refusal for food lasts beyond 24 hours, it is advisable to have him examined by a veterinarian. One of the reasons why cats stop eating is stress. Changes in the surroundings such as introduction of new pet, rearranged furniture or a new family member can cause stress in a cat. Cats may also stop eating due to appetite fatigue. This means that they are tired of eating the same food, so don’t be surprised if one fine day your cat stops eating dry food, but clamors for the fresh fish. Cats could also display eating problems when they want more attention from their owners, due to anxiety or because they are receiving food from another source.

There are some medical reasons behind eating problems in cats. Cats are unlikely to eat when they have an upset stomach. This could occur due to consumption of contaminated or stale food, pancreatic problems, intestinal parasites and inflammatory bowel disease. In such cases the cat is also likely to display certain other symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy. Bacterial infections may also make a cat refuse food. Infections may develop in the nasal cavity, ears, eyes or bladder. In this case also other signs such as fever, lethargy and discharge may occur. Mouth infections, tooth abscesses or gingivitis can make it difficult for a cat to chew food. This can cause them to refuse food. This could be one of the reasons why a cat stops eating dry food. Try giving the cat a different type of food. If he displays trouble while chewing, a dental examination may be necessary. Cats are also vulnerable to endocrine disorders such as diabetes, thyroid problems and hormonal imbalances. Appetite loss is one of the symptoms of endocrine disorders. Sometimes a cat stops eating wet food when the food has been in the refrigerator and is not warmed up. Cats prefer their food warm or at room temperature.

The best way to ensure that you cat is getting adequate nutrition is to consult a veterinarian for recommendations. Also choose cat food that is a good quality from a reputed brand. A combination of wet and dry food is advisable. Dry cat food helps to keep the teeth clean while wet canned food provides hydration. Cats with problems in digestion may need more fiber-rich food. As cats advance in age, their tasting, smelling and chewing abilities start to decline. These cats must be offered easily digestible food. Do keep in mind that most commercially sold dry foods are not very healthy and home cooked foods are much better. If your cat stops eating dry foods, but its appetite for all other foods remains undiminished then you have nothing to worry about.

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Cat Appetite Stimulant Side Effects | Cat Appetite Increase, Enhancer

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Cat Appetite Stimulant

A cat appetite stimulant can help your cat regain a healthy and happy lifestyle. Cats often stop drinking and eating due to either age, stress, sickness or fatigue. Cat food could be another reason for loss of appetite. It is important to find out the cause behind the sudden decline in eating so that proper treatment can be started. If your cat does not eat for more than three days, she could develop serious liver problems. Before starting any cat appetite stimulants it is best to consult your vet so determine the cause behind the appetite loss.

Try encouraging your cat to eat if you notice that she has gone off her food. Cat appetite would increase if you place their favorite food in front of them. Try tempting it with its favorite food. Good smelling food like sardines and tuna will stimulate the cat’s taste buds. Or you can try serving your cat different kinds of food. These foods would act as a wonderful cat appetite stimulant. It is better if you entice the cat with wet food. However, you can give your cat a mixture of both dry and wet food. Leave both out so that your cat has different options. Or you can give one kind of food one day and another on the next. After you feed your cat the food and she accepts it, you can reward her with her favorite treat. Give your cat small amounts of food at a time and feed her throughout the day. If she eats the amount you can give her a little more.  Use natural stimulants to get your cat to start eating again. It is best to use food that will stimulate your cat’s olfactory senses. One way of increasing cat appetite is by crushing vitamin B into the cat’s food. This is a natural cat appetite enhancer. Another is nepeta or catnip. This plant helps stimulate your cat’s pheromonic receptors. Catnip is also good for your cat as it helps with any digestive problems your cat might be having. Ensure that your cat is well hydrated. Give it plenty of milk and water. Try getting your cat to hunt. This might help to kick in her natural instinct and also increase her appetite for food. You can also try natural dietary cat appetite stimulants that are available in stores but if these do not work, it is best to consult your vet who will then recommend prescription drugs.

However these recommended cat appetite stimulant drugs might have side effects like drowsiness, constipation, high temperature, rapid heart rate, dry mouth or even liver failure.

Good, Best Quality Cat Foods | What is Highest Quality Cat Food

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Quality Cat Foods

Caring for any pet involves regular visits to the vet, adequate exercise, and an observant eye looking out for any signs of illness. One of the most important tasks for you as a cat owner however would be to pick out quality cat food. Choosing a quality cat food may seem simple enough, but it can turn out to be quite a task, with vast variety of brands and products available in the market. Knowing and understanding your cat’s nutritional needs would take you closer towards this goal and make it a lot easier for you to pick out best quality cat food.

The first rule is that economy foods, though easy on your wallet are almost always a bad choice, and will also end up costing you a lot more in veterinarian fees. With the large amount of brands and choice for consumers the market is quite competitive and with quantity there is a drop in quality. Many unscrupulous manufacturers use fillers and artificial ingredients, some of which may even be harmful to your cat. Always look at the ingredients carefully before picking up any product, and ask your vet for specific recommendations and what ingredients should set off those alarm bells.

Good Quality Cat Foods

Here are some basic facts that concern a cat’s basic nutritional needs.

  • Cats are extremely different from us and as carnivores they require a lot of meat or in other words protein in their diet. High quality cat foods are meats like fish and poultry which make a healthy meal for a cat.
  • Taurine, which is an essential amino acid, is another vital ingredient in a cat’s diet. Taurine is added to a number of cat foods that are sold in the market.
  • A cat’s diet should also have certain other vitamins and minerals as well as fatty acids and enzymes. If the diet is lacking in any essential nutrient your vet would be able to recommend dietary sources of the nutrient or nutritional supplements.
  • Water is absolutely essential and it’s important that your cat always has access to clean drinking water. Dehydration can set on rapidly and you may have to watch your cat deteriorate rapidly in a matter of hours. Cats do tend to be finicky about their food and water bowls, so try and make changes and adjustments till your cat is satisfied.

Keep in mind that most dry cat food and canned cat foods that are available at stores contain a lot of carbohydrate rich fillers like rice, wheat and corn, all of which can be harmful to your cat.

Best Canned Cat Food Benefits for Urinary Health, Diabetes, Overweight

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Best Canned Cat Food

Cats have certain nutritional needs and pet owners must take these into consideration.  Carefully choosing the appropriate cat food will help to promote the optimum health of the cat. The most common types of cat food are canned food and dry food. Both these foods are easily available in the market. Research shows that canned cat food may be the healthier option.

Earlier, dry cat food was considered to be the best food for cats. But this view has changed in recent times. Studies show that dry cat food may have an adverse effect on the health of the cats. Cats that are fed on dry food diets may be at a higher risk of urinary tract problems, chronic dehydration and kidney failure. However many pet owners still rely on dry cat food because it is convenient and also does not get spoilt quickly. Cats also enjoy eating crunchy dry kibbles. But canned cat food is a prerequisite for the strength of the bones and muscles. Cats that eat only dry food may be losing out on the added nutrition that canned cat food provides. In the wild cats live on foods that supply their bodies with a high amount of protein and a low amount of carbohydrates. There is only about 1-2 percent of carbohydrates in the daily diet. In commercial dry foods, around 45 percent of carbohydrates are added in order to increase the structure and bulk of the food. Cats utilize protein and fat for energy and hence much of the carbohydrate content is converted into fat by the liver. Since canned cat food has a lesser amount of carbohydrates, it is more efficient in providing nutrition to the cat.

Although canned cat food has its benefits, the best canned cat food may not provide the necessary quality of nutrition. Some canned foods have a lower content of actual meat. Protein comes from other sources in these foods. Since actual meat is the primary ingredient in cat food, it must be listed first on the food label.  The best canned food is the one which is prepared from high-quality ingredients and undergoes hygienic production methods. Some owners also believe in feeding their cats a mixture of cat food. Dry cat food may be given to the cat when the owner may be out for the day or on vacation. At other times canned cat food must be part of the diet so that cats get their daily intake of water.

Quality Cat Food | Natural High Quality Foods for Feline

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High Quality Cat Food

It is not the easiest thing to replicate all the required nutrients that a cat gets from a commercial diet with a homemade one but it can be done. A quality cat food diet should include 2/3 parts of meat, about one-third of some grains and also some vegetables or some fruit. Be careful about feeding too much of fish like tuna or salmon as they do not all have the vitamins that every cat needs in its daily diet. The cat owner can try to increase the fiber in his cat’s diet by including a few supplements. One can try adding a teaspoon of the one of the preferred vegetable oils. Some cats do enjoy these kinds of foods, but some others may not. For those cats that will not eat these foods, one can try some variations and mix these in with their regular diet. A high quality cat food is recommended by almost all vets as this prevents the cats from suffering from various problems. The natural cat food provides the cat with the nutrients, vitamins, fiber that it needs.

There are various different diets that do exist for cats that are termed as healthy cat food. Some of these are especially made for senior cats, or there may be light food diets that are meant for those cats that are ill or even weak. There are also some diets that are especially designed by certain vets or specialists and aim at preventing certain conditions from developing like hairballs in cats etc. There are also certain medical diets that are compiled by vets and consist of healthy cat food that aim at proving the ailing cat with the lost nutrients its needs or with food that is designed to help a cat recover.

One can get a good cat diet by mixing cat food that comes ready and canned with some of the natural homemade cat food. For those cat owners who are concerned that their pet may not be getting adequate water a simple solution exists, this is to simply add water to the cat’s food. When making a dish like chicken broth one can always add a little bit more water without spoiling the taste of the meal. One can even try doing this with some the commercial meals. There are various grains that are considered good for a cat and that can be added to the diet like brown rice, millet, oats etc.

Cat Supplements | Fiber, Joint, Vitamin Supplements for Feline Health Care

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Supplements for Cats

Do check with your vet before giving your cat any cat supplements. Some people feel that a well fed, healthy cat does not need any supplements at all while others think that supplements help to prevent disease and maintain cat health. There are several varieties of supplements freely available these days and it is essential to buy the right ones if you do decide to give your cat these. A good supplement will contain all the proper nutrients and vitamins for your cat. A supplement should contain:

  • Mistletoe - A herb that is beneficial for circulatory and respiratory problems
  • Echinacea - Helps to keep blood pressure stable and also strengthen the immune system
  • Astralagus - An ancient herb that has been known to increase the lifespan as well as combat cancer.

The different types of supplements are ones that have essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, ones with general vitamins and minerals or ones with probiotics. Taking supplements which have the above will make your cat stronger and healthier. High quality supplements can provide the nutrition that ordinary cat food cannot. Herbal supplements promote a sense of well being and health in the same way as they do for human beings. The vitamins in supplements act as immunity boosters and help protect the cat from different illnesses. Supplements can also help in washing away toxins and chemicals from your cat’s body. Cats that are recovering from an illness or eating a poor diet will need dietary supplements. A good supplement should be made from high protein foods such as pork, fish or chicken. Supplements can also be given to correct deficiencies. Pregnant and breastfeeding cats could be given nutritional supplements.

Unsafe supplements include ones with garlic, onion, calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin C.
Do remember that giving too many supplements can be harmful for your cat. Do not combine different kinds of supplements.

Fiber supplements are recommended if your cat suffers from constipation. Fiber supplements include rice bran, wheat bran, canned pumpkin and Psyllium (Metamucil). Mix either of these supplements with the canned food and feed it to your cat. Check with your vet regarding the proportion to be added and the amount to be given daily. Fiber supplements are also easily available in pet stores. Cats can also develop joint problems or arthritis. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are two cat joint supplements generally used to treat the problems. Glucosamine comes in either liquid or capsule form and is freely available too.

Unhealthy Cat Foods | Poisonous, Bad Foods for Cat Health

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Bad Foods for Cat

Cats are one of the most common household pets and are only rivaled in popularity by dogs. Cats are very affectionate animals and provide great company although they are very independent in their behavior as well as loyalty. While cats are usually known to be aloof at the best of times, only returning to their master during feeding time, cats can be quite affectionate if you can read those subtle signs. They are just not very vocal, and are a lot more independent and self reliant. However, this is a bond that needs to be developed over a period of time through mutual respect and trust. As with any animal, one of the most important aspects of housing the pet is to understand its feeding habits and preferences. Humans eat a variety of food that are also generally bad foods for cats, so eating the same food is definitely out of the question.

It is important to keep in mind, though, the fact that cats are essentially carnivores and that their teeth and guts have evolved over the ears to allow it to consume only meat, while grass and vegetables are consumed primarily for medicinal purposes. The domestic variety of cats are usually more expansive with the kinds of foods they try out, which could be significantly harmful as they are not aware what is good or bad for them. Here we will look at a few of the foods commonly consumed by humans but can be very dangerous for cats. Because of their very poor liver function, cats are unable to detoxify substances – making alcohol a very poisonous element. It is important to be able to analyze how much of the substance will be enough to affect the animal, though, and the factors that influence this equation include the age of the cat as well as the quantity and amount of alcohol consumed. The toxic content of broccoli has the potential to be poisonous in cats, but requires the cat to consume a substantial amount of it before it has any effect on the animal. While cats are generally attracted to milk, one should keep them away from coffee or tea as the stimulant content will only serve to make the animal that much more hyperactive. Unknown to many, milk is actually considered to be only a baby cat foods and has an adverse effect on adult cats because of its lactose content – which cannot be digested by older cats. This results in a stomach upset, intestinal discomfort and diarrhea.

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Cat Eating Habits | Feline Eating Behavior |Cat Eating Problems

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Eating Problems in Cats:

It is important for cats to consume the right amounts of nutrients to maintain a normal healthy life. Nutritional requirements vary throughout the lifecycle of cats’ lives; so, you must feed your cat the right food depending on its growth stage. As a responsible owner you must understand your cat’s needs and behavior. You must comprehend the various actions or vocal sounds made by your cat that could indicate it needs something; it could mean that your cat needs food or it wants to be let out. Cats have their own preferences of food types, which may vary from dry food to semi-moist or canned food. They can be pretty picky eaters, and although easy to provide for most cats differ in their preferences just as we do.
If your cat is not eating due to an illness, the common symptoms to look for are loss of appetite, bad temper, reluctance to participate in their favorite activities, or hiding away in unusual places that they would not usually visit. However, if your cat refuses to eat for 24 hours or more, you must consult your vet as it may be due to allergies or could be a sign of a more serious health problem. Here are a few guidelines on how and what to offer your pet and details on peculiar cat eating behavior:

  • You must provide your cat a high protein, high fat diet with specific animal nutrients. For free choice feeding, - cats eat several small meals all through the day, dry food is the best option.
  • You must feed your cat meat, fish, poultry, or eggs, which are animal protein sources. This will help retain strong muscular structure, antibodies, and vital organs, and promote fetal growth, healthy reproduction, and development. You must avoid supplementing your cat’s diet as it may lead to various health problems.
  • You must ensure that your cat gets the essential minerals and vitamins such as vitamins A & E, which assist the immune system. Provide an accurate fatty acids balance to help maintain excellent coat and skin health.
  • You must ensure that you clean your cat’s bowl as your cat may refrain from eating out of a bowl that has pieces of old food.
  • If you are serving your cat canned food, you must heat the food first so that it releases an aroma and stimulates your cat’s appetite.
  • Your cat may indulge in eating non-food items (clothing, rubber bands, socks, rocks, and string); this is called pica. Pica can be a serious problem as it can severely damage an animal’s intestines. It is potentially life-threatening and hence, advisable to consult both a vet and an animal behavior professional for help.
  • You must ensure that your cat doesn’t overeat; it may lead to obesity and trigger various physical illnesses, including heart, kidney, and liver problems.
  • When you hear your cat purring it generally could be construed as a sign of contentment and comfort, but at times it could mean that it is in great pain or distress. This would however be apparent from other behavior too. However, if a kitten purrs, it is a signal to the mother that it is content and getting enough food when suckling.
  • When you see your cat eating grass, it indicates that your cat needs to clean out its stomach by vomiting. Cats also get folic acid from the grass; this is something they cannot get from meat.
  • Your cat may take its food out of the bowl and eat it off the floor. This common behavior may be due to two reasons: the pieces of food are too large and the cat finds it easier to chew it by taking it out of the bowl to break it into smaller pieces; and if its whiskers are long, it finds it uncomfortable to eat from the bowl.
  • You must understand that cat food is formulated to contain specific amounts of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which are vital for your cat’s growth. So, people food must be a minimal pat of your pet’s diet.