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Parakreet Bird Care Information | How to Care for Parakreet Bird

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Parakreet Bird Care

Parakeets are beautiful little birds, and are usually found in central Australia. They are also often referred to as ‘budgerigars’ or ‘budgies’. While its scientific name is ‘Melopsittacus undulates’, it is also called ‘parakeet’ because it looks like a little parrot. These birds are very popular as domestic pets, because they look pretty, are friendly and easy to train. But if you wish to bring one home for the first time, it is best to know some basic parakeet bird care, to keep your pet happy and comfortable.

How to care for parakeet’ will be your prime concern, but don’t worry, here are a few simple guidelines.

Surroundings: One of the basic lessons of parakeet bird care is to provide your pet with a good home. Get a large bird cage. A couple of bird toys would be good. Line the cage with newspaper or a cage liner. Change the paper everyday. Caring for parakeet bird means keeping the cage clean at all times, since bacteria can grow in a dirty cage. Parakeets catch cold very easily so keep the cage away from strong drafts. At night, cover the cage with a cloth or large towel as a protection from cold. But remember to remove it in the morning.

Parakeet bird care also involves good placement of the cage. These are sociable birds. So put the cage in a room where you work most of the time. Keep some light music on or talk to the bird in friendly tones. Keeping the cage high up, will make it feel safe from predators like cats. You can also consider placing a side cloth on the cage to make it feel safe and protected.

  • Exercise: Exercising your pet shows good parakeet bird care. After your pet settles down and gets used to you, let it out of its cage and allow it fly around the room or house. But make sure that there are no dangers. Close the curtains or your parakeet may fly outside, or if there are glass windows, it may hurt itself against it. If you have ceiling fans, keep them switched off. Keep the stove shut and all hot foods placed away safely. Ensure that the lids of toilets are closed, or your parakeet can fall inside and drown.
  • Food and water: Proper nutritious food is an important part of good parakeet bird care. Make sure that your pet always has plenty of fresh water to drink. Give it high quality bird seeds and also some fruits, berries and fresh green grasses. Keep a cuttlebone in the cage for it to gnaw.