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Giant Schnauzer Dog | Facts and Information | Lifespan of Giant Schnauzer

The Giant Schnauzer dog is a big dog and is one of the biggest of the three schnauzer breeds there are. This is a very old breed in Europe and has also been called Oberlanders. There are periods of history when the population of the breed was drastically reduced, threatening its existence. This dog is [...]

Field Spaniel Dog Breeders and Training | Temperament, Grooming and Rescue

The field spaniel is a type of spaniel dog, with the typical spaniel appearance. The dog has a long body, long floppy ears, and lots of fur. This medium-sized dog was originally developed in the late nineteenth century as a show dog. These black colored dogs, with their shining coat, look rather alluring when they [...]

Alopekis Dog | Facts and Information | Characteristics of Alopekis

The Alopekis dog is a small dog that appears like a fox. It has a set of pricked ears, a short and smooth coat, a sickle tail, and a long body. Like a fox, Alopekis dog has a tapering muzzle and swift movements, which can be described as graceful. The dog has a set of [...]

Komondor Dog Breed, Puppies and Breeders | Temperament | Grooming of Komondor

Information on Komondor Dog, Puppies and Breeders
The Komondor is a Hungarian long-haired dog whose appearance makes it a very unique dog. It is also occasionally known as the mop dogs.

It is a very old breed and has been declared by the Hungarian government as a national treasure so that it is not genetically modified. Its [...]

Harrier Dog Breed | Facts | Cost and Shedding of Harrier Dog

Information on Harrier Dog Facts, Shedding and Price
The Harrier dog is truly one of the few medium-sized dogs today. The Harrier dog breed is similar to that of the foxhound. It was bred primarily to hunt hares. In America the Harrier dog is classified as a hunters’ dog. The name Harrier comes from an old [...]

Eurasier Dog Info | Names | Size and Temperament of Eurasier

Information on Eurasier Dog
The Eurasier originated in Germany and is a breed of Spitz.  It was created to incorporate the various favorable traits of different breeds. This dog was earlier called Wolf Chow as it was a combination of Chow Chow, Wolfspitz and Samoyed but was later named Eurasier.  The Eurasier dog is also known [...]

Cesky Terrier Dogs and Puppies | Breeders | Grooming of Cesky Terrier

Information on Cesky Terrier Dog Breeders, Puppies, Characteristics and Grooming
The cesky terrier dog is a moderately long and short legged dog  that is also known as the bohemian terrier.

Most cesky terrier breeders are known to charge a premium price for purebred cesky terrier puppies as this breed of dogs is known to be one of [...]

Boerboel Dog Breed, Information and Puppies | Names | Nature of Boerboel Dog

Information on Boerboel Dogs and Puppies
The most common characteristic that will reflect in any Boerboel dog breed info is that the Boerboel dog breed is a very intelligent dog. Dogs of this breed are also generally very strong and are known for their fearless nature and intelligence. Boerboel dog information also states that this breed [...]

Berger Picard Dog and Breeders | Size and Personality | Cost of Berger Picard

Information on Berger Picard Dog, Personality and Breeders
The Berger Picard can be described as one of the oldest breeds of French dogs, which belong to the herding groups. Pet experts are not quite sure about the history of the Berger Picard; some believe that these dogs are related to the Beauceron and the Braird, while [...]

Norwegian Lundehund Dog, Puppies and Breeders | Height and Weight of Lundehund Dog

Information on Norwegian Lundehund Dog, Puppies and Breeders
Norwegian lundehund dog, more commonly referred to as the Lundehund can be described as a rectangular Spitz dog, which is small in size and is comparative light. It is said that the Norwegian lundehund is among one of the rarest breed of dogs in the world. Like its [...]