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Eurasier Dog Breed, Puppies, Info, Names, Life Expectancy and Information

Most Eurasier dog info will state that the Eurasier dog breed is known to make an excellent companion dog as they are known to be very quiet , friendly , calm and even tempered at all times.

Eurasier puppies as well as adults are known to be very alert, which is why they make excellent watch dogs. Eurasier dog information also states that although this breed of dogs is extremely loyal and affectionate towards its family members, it could be shy or reserved when it comes to new people.

The breed is not known to be aggressive but it isn’t timid or intimidated by strangers and new surroundings either. While training a Eurasier dog, one needs to keep in mind that this dog should not be trained with harsh discipline but instead be trained with a firm and soft reprimand.

Training of the Eurasier dog should ideally start at an early age itself, as this breed of dogs is known to be very intelligent and they are keen learners. One should also take care to ensure that the training of the Eurasier dog does not become too lengthy or repetitive as they tend to get bored very easily. Similarly, as with almost any dog, if a Eurasier dog observes that its owner is very soft and timid then it will take the lead and become very stubborn. Firm and assertive human handling is therefore an important requirement of any dog owner. The Eurasier dog breed is also known to be very agile and stable minded. Although the Eurasier does not make a good guard dog, it is known to be an excellent watchdog as it will bark at anything unfamiliar to it thereby arousing the attention of the people around. Although one is excited in deciding Eurasier dog names when they get a new Eurasier puppy they should also be aware that this breed of dogs does not enjoy being confined to one room or chained and instead they enjoy a good run and a fair amount of exercise. This breed of dogs is known to be very playful and active when outside and also quiet and calm when indoors. The life expectancy of the Eurasier dog breed is known to be around 11 to 13 years of age. This breed of dogs was originally developed in Germany by a man known as Julius Wipfel who developed the Eurasier dog breed by mixing together the Chow Chow, Samoyed and the Keeshond.

  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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