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Collie Dogs:

The collie dog breed is one that is so varied in visual appearance from the rough collie, bearded collie, to the border collie that it is difficult to believe that they are of the same breed.

One of the most famous depictions of collies is Lassie and this has been the most famous figure of the breed. However, there are many different kinds of collie dogs with the rough collie being an addition to the pack purely for the purpose of dog shows. Other breeds of collies are mostly workaholic sheepherders that sometimes pursue their agenda with surprising tenacity.

The different types of collies can be quite confusing. The rough collie is mistakenly known only as a collie, probably because of the fame that Lassie brought to the variant. Actually, the rough collie was a breed that was specifically bred to be a show dog.

Other varieties included the bearded collie that resembles one big massive of trailing fur with a white and black orientation. The border collie is a form of collies that almost looks like a sheepdog with a lot of fur. Curiously, one of the variants of a collie is called the welsh sheepdog. All of these variants are very hard workers and have been closely associated with herding and protecting livestock. Curiously, enough some collies are so well integrated with herds that they are considered extended members of the pack. However, when it comes to herding, collies are very single minded and focused on the task at hand. The breed is also extremely agile and fit, able to spend a whole day working without tiring even once. This instinct is usually a problem when these variants are raised in an urban environment. These breeds need a lot of mental stimulation and actually require work to avoid getting depressed and unhappy. They are very eager to please their masters and, as such, very loyal and close to the immediate family to which they belong.

Collie puppies are prone to a defective gene that puts them at particular risk when medicated with some types of drugs like opioids, steroids, and antibiotics. This gene also puts the dog at risk of lower levels of cortisol – the “stress” hormone. This is a problem that especially plagues the rough and smooth collie breeds. The most adept at family living is the rough collie that is such a devoted member of the family that will even take special care around children.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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