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Bassugg - Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies, Breeders, Training and Temperament

The Bassugg is a cross between the Pug and the Bassett Hound and is also referred to as a Pugglehound.

Since this breed is a mix of two breeds it is difficult to determine the temperament of each individual Bassugg. The basic Bassugg temperament would mainly depend on their primary genetic makeup and how much of the original breeds they have in them. If the parenting breeds themselves were multi-generation crosses then the temperament of the Bassugg would also vary accordingly.

Bassugg Puppies, Breeders and Training

Bassugg dogs generally have a shorter and smaller body which should ideally be sturdy but not fat.

Basset Hounds are well known for their weight problems and since they are one of the parenting breeds, this could also be a problem for Bassuggs. Hence it is important for owners to monitor their dog’s food intake and also make sure that they get regular exercise. Some basic Bassugg information can help people decide if these dogs would make ideal family pets for them.

Similar to Pugs and Basset Hounds, Bassuggs also have shorter legs and are a smaller breed of dogs. Female Bassuggs are generally smaller than the males as in most other dog breeds.

These dogs have a round head with as short muzzle which could either be pushed up like that of a Pug or in some cases could be longer like the Basset Hound. They have a short tight silky coat which is relatively easy to maintain. Basic grooming would only involve a weekly brushing of their coat and bathing only when necessary.

Bassugg puppies are extremely adorable and generally come in assorted shades of black, brown, tan, white and cream. These dogs are very smart and easily trainable even as puppies but dog training should be consistent and dominated by the trainer. Bassugg dogs love to please their owners and this is very helpful while training them. This dog breed bonds well with their families and hence make ideal family pets. They are also patient with children and most other pets and animals. These dogs do well in apartments as well as bigger living spaces as long as they are exercised regularly and not neglected. With their increasing popularity finding Bassugg puppies for sale is no longer very difficult. However it is always advisable to buy these puppies from genuine Bassugg breeders who aim at breeding one generation of Bassuggs from purebred Pug and Basset Hound parents.
  Submitted on October 24, 2011  

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