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Beauceron puppies and dogs, health info, history and training

The beauceron is a breed of herding dog that originated in a region of France known as La Beauce.

Today it is quite popular as a guard dog and among the police and military forces. Beauceron history is quite interesting, especially during the first and second world wars, and is worth looking up if you are interested in getting one of these dogs for yourself. The beaceron is a lean but strong, athletic dog, typically black and tan.

The tan coloring is usually restricted to lower part of the muzzle and throat, and is most noticeable in the lower portion of the legs, which is what gives the dog one of its common names – Bas Rouge or Red Stockings. However, a different coloring – harlequin with tan, black, and gray spots is also quite common. The fur is short and smooth, except for the tail and, to some extent, the legs, which may have a slight fringe.

Strictly speaking, the beauceron has a unique double dewclaws on the hind legs. A beaceron mix may or may not have this feature.

Beaucerons are typically calm, intelligent, and intrepid dogs, and make for good family pets as long as they are kept engaged and active. They are protective of their families, particularly of small children in the family. However, they can sometimes get boisterous, so play should always be supervised – even beauceron puppies may be too large and heavy for a small child to handle. Beaucerons may also get territorial, which is why it is particularly important to socialize your dog well, right from a very young age. Beauceron training is very important for these and other reasons. These include the fact that they have strong personalities and strong instincts that may not always be acceptable in a house or in public. However, with firm, consistent, and patient training, these dogs make for great pets as well as great working dogs.

Like most large dogs, beaucerons are slightly prone to hip dysplasia. However, apart from this and a tendency to suffer from bloat, these dogs are extremely healthy. Adequate exercise is of course essential, without which the dog may become obese and may also develop behavioral problems. Typically, these dogs have a life expectancy of approximately 12 years. If you want to know more about beauceron dogs, you should ask your vet or look up societies or associations that can provide more beauceron info.

  Submitted on October 7, 2009  

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