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Caravan Hound

Caravan Hound - Information on Dog Breed, Puppies, Characteristics and Price

The exact origin of the caravan hound dog is not known.

It is believed that during the invasions of India, the Arabs, the Mongols, the Persians and the Afghans used to bring hounds such as the Saluki and the Afghan hound with them during the period from twelfth to fifteenth centuries. The caravan hound came into existence due to cross breeding with other dogs.

The name caravan comes because of this reason; as these dogs accompanied the caravans. The caravan hound dogs were especially bred by the villagers for the purpose of hunting and herding.

Characteristics of Caravan Hound Dog

Caravan hound dogs are very strong and hardy.

Their physical characteristics are as listed below:

• They have a long coat that can be fine as well as coarse. The coat color can be white, fawn, cream, reddish, and black with interspersed white patches.

• Their head is narrow and long with a broad forehead.

• An adult male caravan hound stands as high as 67 to 72 cm; whereas the female’s height is slightly shorter and may vary from 62 to 67 cm.

• Usually their nose is long and black.

• They have long and strong jaws.

• They have long erect ears, and their hearing capability is extraordinary. Even a minor sound a distance will make them alert.

• Their shoulders are broad, and the strong neck appears to be well fitted in between the shoulders.

• Their eyes are bright and dark hazel colored.

• Their ribs are sprung up and the chest is deep and strong.

• The tail of the caravan hound dogs is thick and short in size.

Caravan Hound Puppies, Info and Price

Caravan hounds have a distinctively strong stamina and can run long distances at a very high speed. It is this quality for which they turn out to be great hunting dogs. Since the caravan hound dogs are extremely energetic and strong, you need to be a dominant master in order to handle such a dog.

As you might have figured out by now, a caravan hound is not suitable as a household pet. If you want to own a caravan dog for hunting purposes, you can search for caravan hound info on the Internet. You will find several caravan hounds for sale. Caravan hound puppies require training and a firm hand so as to develop into obedient and loyal dogs. Caravan hound prices may range from 2000 to 3000 dollars. Before buying one, you should ideally verify the authenticity of the breed.
  Submitted on September 27, 2011  

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