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Weimaraner Dog Breed, Characteristics and Training Weimaraner Puppies


Weimaraner Dog Breed

The Weimaraner dogs originated from Germany at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

The Weimaraner earlier served as a hunting dog for large game like wolves, deer, wild boars, and wildcats. As the population of the larger game began to decline, the Weimaraners were trained into hunting smaller animals like rabbits, birds, and foxes. The Weinmaraner dogs are lean, graceful, and have an athletic built.

These characteristics allow them to perform well in various dog sports.

The coat of the Weimaraner dog breed is short and is in different shades of light gray. The male Weimaraner dog stands approximately to a height of 21inches to 27 inches. Females stand between 21 inches to 25 inches.

The average weight of a male Weimaraner is somewhere between 65 to 85 pounds. The female Weimaraner is between 55 to 70 pounds. The tail of the Weimaraner puppy is docked when it is three days old. As far as their intelligence is concerned, the Weimaraner is ranked eighteenth in Stanley Coren's ‘The intelligence of Dogs'.

Weimaraner Puppies

Weimaraner puppies require lots of exercise in order to burn the excessive energy they have. In return they give their owners or trainers love and play time that most of the other breeds fail to. Weimaraner puppies from a very early stage tend to show their owners how they want to become active members of the family. It becomes very confusing for them when they feel that they are not being involved or left out in anything that their owners are up to. Lots of patience and a stern hand are required to raise Weimaraner puppies.

Training the Weimaraner

Weimaraner dogs are pretty headstrong and that is why they need to have a strong master to keep them in order. Training of the Weimaraner works on the basic principle of bone and the stick in various permutations and combinations. The right way to give them the proper training lies in the communication of these encoded messages. Whether your methods of training are working their way out well depends upon how neatly your Weimaraner is responding to your signals or encoded messages.

Weimaraner puppies have quite high intelligence levels making it easier to train them. At the same time it is advisable that Weimaraner puppies training sessions should not start before a particular age. This is because of the fact that the brains of the Weimaraner puppies are not fully developed to go through complex training.
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