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Lowchen Dog

Lowchen Dog or Little Lion Dog, Names, Puppies, Nature and Behavior

The Lowchen dog is a small and furry dog with a characteristic short head and broad skull.

This dog is also often called the “little lion”(which is what the German word “Lowchen” means) because its fur is often shaped as a lion’s mane. The dog has a short muzzle, round black eyes, and pendant shaped ears. It also has a short but well-proportioned body. The dog has a long and often wiry coat, but the fur does not curl as is usually in dogs with long coats.

The dog is available in a lot of different colors such as black, lemon, and white. Apart from the solid colors, the Lowchen dog is also available in speckled patterns. The fur of the dog is often clipped to make it look like a lion. In such as case, the fur along the tail and the hind legs is closely clipped to give the desired appearance.

Like most other small dogs, the Lowchen dog is extremely sociable and very lively. The dog is eager to learn and trains very easily as well. If you train the dog well in its early years, you will have little to worry about in the later years. For a small dog, the Lowchen dog is very fearless. With children and families, the dogs are sensitive and very gentle. They are extremely playful, which makes them a great companion for the young ones in the family.

The Lowchen dog, due to its friendly nature, is able to gel well with other pets in the family, both canine and non-canine. Though they may not be the biggest dog in your household, they are meant to be the leaders and will not be afraid to challenge bigger dogs as well. The Lowchen, or little lion dog, is not essentially a guard dog, but when the time comes, the Lowchen can defend its master’s house with its loud and persistent barking.

Though mostly gentle, Lowchen dogs like to bark a lot. They are confident and consistent as pack leaders and may develop some willfulness and other similar behavior problems. As a dog owner, you may have to check the behavior of the dog at a very early age.

The Lowchen is generally a healthy dog and does not have many health problems. The dog breed itself has no genetic concerns, and most Lowchen puppies grow up to be healthy and happy dogs. Lowchen dog names can be difficult to think of; for as cute and cuddlyas these small dogs are, they are groomed to look like the ferocious lions.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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