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Sussex spaniel

Sussex spaniel dog breed, characteristics and  Sussex spaniel puppies health

An English breed of dog, the Sussex spaniel dog looks a lot like the Clumber spaniel and is used as a gun dog.

Apart from being used as a gun dog, the Sussex spaniel is also a popular show dog.

The Sussex spaniel has a long muscular body and appears well built. The head is much broader than the English cocker spaniel. The dog also has a wrinkled brow which gives it a characteristic expression of a frown.

It appears to be sad and wistful because of its facial features. However, the features also make it appear kind and gentle. Even though the dog is very short in stature and has legs that are short and stout, its bones are comparatively large. Sussex spaniel puppies may get their tails docked, but that is not very widely practiced.

The color of a pure bred is golden brown. Any other color is considered a flaw in the dog. The coat is usually thick with long hairs on either side. The texture of the hair can be either straight or wavy. For a good show dog, it is important that the dog has the same color of the eye rims and nose as that of its coat.

The Sussex spaniel is famous for being calm and friendly. Though they were bred in the early nineteenth century as gun dogs to work in dense under growths, they now find their place amongst families because of their warm and affectionate personality.

The breed first originated in Sussex, where the breeders crossed many breeds to get a dog of short stature that could not only be a valuable pointer and retriever, but also a valuable companion. The dog was one of the first to be inducted as stud breeds by the American Kennel Club.  The breed is friendly and makes an excellent companion for the country household.

However, even though the dog was very popular, especially in the country households, over time, it lost its popularity to other breeds. In the mid twentieth century, the fame of the Sussex spaniel dog was at its lowest. However, it soon caught up and the dog is today more popular in North America than in Europe, where it was first bred.

Sussex spaniel puppies grow very slowly and can take a lot of time in passing through their developmental stages. Though their average life expectancy is 12-14 years, they do not age like other dogs. Genetically, they are prone to developing heart conditions such as an enlarged heart and can also have intervertebral disc syndrome and diseases like carcinomas.

  Submitted on October 15, 2009  

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