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Norwegian lundehund

Norwegian lundehund dog breed, health and characteristics of norwegian lundehund puppies

The Norwegian Lundehund dog, also otherwise known as the Norsk Lundehund, is a small dog belonging to the Spitz family.

This dog originated in Norway. The literal meaning of the word Lundehund is 'puffin dog' these dogs that were originally used to hunt puffins are today acknowledged as great pets.

The Lundehund is known for its expert motions because of its strong joints.

Since the joints of this dog offer so much motion, it is able to deftly fit into narrow passageways. The dog is strangely pliable and can bend its head backwards along its spine, a feat only a few dogs can perform. Both the fore and the hind legs can be turned to face its body at 90 degree angles, just like humans.

The dog is also able to seal shut its ears by moving them and folding them.

The Norwegian Lundehund dog has six digits instead of the four which is common amongst dogs. It has a double coat where the outer coat is very dense and the inner coat is soft. Due to its locomotive adaptabilities and its pliability, the dog is expert at climbing narrow paths and rocky mountain terrain.

One of the oldest known breeds, the Lundehund was first documented in the seventeenth century. Even back then, they were used to hunt puffins. Though the puffins nest in often unreachable terrain, the size, number of toes and the flexibility allows the Lundehund to reach these birds. The breed was quite popular at one time, but the interest in it declined as a dog tax was created for puffin hunters. Around World War II, the waning interest in the breed caused it to reach the brink of extinction. Also because of the widespread canine distemper epidemic, the breed was almost completely destroyed. In fact, by the early 1960s, only 6 Norwegian Lundehunds had survived. This time however, the authorities took notice and the dogs were carefully bred to recreate the numbers.

The Lundehund, though usually healthy are characteristically prone to gastroenteropathy. This is a set of diseases in which the bacteria in the digestive tract grow at an alarming pace and rob the dog of its nutrition.  In many cases, the inability to derive protein and essential nutrients from food has caused starvation in this breed. All Norwegian Lundehund puppies are prone to these disorders, however, some may never experience any symptoms and live a healthy life. A cure is yet to be found for this illness however, if managed properly, the illness can be kept in check.

  Submitted on October 13, 2009  

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