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French Brittany Spaniel

French Brittany Spaniel Dog Breed, Breeders, Puppies, Characteristics and Training

A French Brittany Spaniel is the considered to be the original in its breed.

This is a working dog that is used in the hunting of birds. The dog, which is usually calm but very energetic otherwise, is an excellent hunting companion. The French Brittany Spaniel is known for its excellent sense of smell.

The dog can lead hunters to even those birds that may have burrowed in the ground. The French Brittany Spaniel is also extremely intelligent and has a very calm and friendly disposition. Due to the constant efforts of French Brittany Spaniel breeders, all these special hunting traits, as well as the pet dog traits, have been added to the breed.

The French Brittany Spaniel has an uncanny sense of finding game birds.

These dogs also have a lot of courage and are not afraid of hard work when it comes to the hunt. French Brittany Spaniel dogs were originally trained to be gun dogs and are instinctively ready for hunting. With proper French Brittany Spaniel training, these dogs can become very valuable as hunting companions. Since they have natural hunting as well as retrieving abilities, they are considered an asset to any hunting party.

As a house pet, the French Brittany Spaniel puppies will be affectionate and loyal to their families. Right from when they are very young, French Brittany Spaniel dogs are eager to please their masters and are very obedient. They are extremely intelligent and therefore, very easy to train as well. They are also very active throughout the day and are always brimming with energy.
Fortunately, since French Brittany Spaniel training is not very difficult, they are easy to housebreak and quickly become a part of the family without causing much disruption to the normal day to day activities of the home. They are extremely quick on their feet and do not get bogged down by the weather. Whether it is bright and sunny or cloudy and rainy, these little bundles of joy are always ready to play with their family.

Owing to these great characteristics and the ease of grooming and maintenance of these dogs, the French Brittany Spaniel is a lovable and popular dog breed all through Europe. As a member of the family, the French Brittany Spaniel submits readily to its master and generally does not have any behavior problems. Unless the dog has had very poor socialization in its early years, you should not expect any trouble with it.

  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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